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The Trauma of a Sinister The Trauma of a Sinister
by Dr. Derrick Lim
2007-12-26 09:59:22
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Many dreams have gone to the world of the silent ones in the hands of a sadist who marred the lives of others. It is quite known that a man who jeopardizes other people’s dreams will surely face the nemesis before he dies.

Chukwu John, the major character of the play, was trained and brought up with the treasure of life. He was the only child of two caring parents and, as a result of this, all his needs were always provided by his parent. Engineer Thomas John, the father of Chukwu, grew up in a slum and went through hell before he climbed the ladder of success. Owing to the father’s suffering before he made it in life, he treated his only child like an egg that must neither be cracked nor be broken.

When Chukwu was admitted into a primary school, his mother, Mrs. Felicia John, advised her lovely husband not to satisfy the only child with all that he needed in order not to turn him into a prodigal son. The father did not heed his wife’s advice. When Chukwu was in junior class, he engaged himself in examination malpractices and when he discovered that he was about to be caught by the teacher (invigilator), he threw the solution (expo) to the boy who sat before him. The innocent boy suffered for what he did not do and, as a result of this, the boy was given a term suspension.

The school’s principal was a disciplinarian and a devoted Christian who disliked deviant behaviour. Although, Chukwu knew that he did bad, but due to his wickedness he asked for no forgiveness from God. He has forgotten that, ‘he who mars another man’s career will surely face his dilemma and nemesis’. The innocent prayed fervently for seven days with fasting in order for God to reward the boy who jeopardized his life.

With the dubious means of Chukwu John, he made head way and got to the promised land of the final class in his secondary school. The obstinate child made his Mathematics Teacher be sacked from school. He was a philanderer who loved to sleep with different ladies. When Chukwu was having a lunch at Tantalizer Fast Food, he saw his teacher at the same joint who came with her concubine.

Secretly, the boy found a tricky way to trap his teacher in order to find a way in penetrating and threatening her. His mission was accomplished. On a tragic morning, Chukwu met her Mathematics Teacher, Mrs. Tolu Adebayo and he analyzed his feelings as thus: “Excuse me Ma, I need something from you and I believe that you can do it for me”. The teacher replied, “What is the exact thing, just say it out and I will do if it can be provided for you.”

The boy told the teacher that he loved her and wanted the duo to be dating each other. The teacher replied and shouted thus, “Are you sick in the brain, what sort of nonsense is this? Can’t you call your mother when your manhood wants to eat?” He was slapped and beaten mercilessly.

He got annoyed and reported her to the parents. The father was mad at the teacher immediately, while the mother calmed her husband down to fish out the truth before any action would be taken. Meanwhile, the boy lied that his teacher sent him to deliver a love letter to her concubine and he refused, but did not admit the real truth of the matter. Engineer Thomas John, the wicked son’s father, went to the school and reported to the principal, so the teacher was sacked from service due to the tricky ideas of the boy and his father.

The wicked soul thought that if he presented the pictures of his teacher and the concubine to her matrimonial husband, she would be punished and sent away from her matrimonial home. Mrs. Tolu Adebayo did not know that the wicked boy saw her while having a lunch with her concubine. If she had known, she would have begged the African Idiot. He presented the photographs to the husband and the wife was sent out from home. The teacher faced two dilemmas; she had lost her job and was also sent out from her matrimonial home. However, the mother had known what her child planned for the teacher.

Mrs. Felicia John, the mother, was a disciplinarian and a good Christian who always taught her only son the word of God but due to the fact that the husband was a free thinker and an unbeliever, he did not allow the child to be trained in the way of the Lord. It was high time the sadist were in the state of dilemma. Chukwu John gained admission into a University to study Accountancy with his means of examination malpractices and promotion of academic with wealth.

In his hundred level in the university, he had a fiancée called Janet West, a pretty black lady. He also had an only friend Abdulahi Babalola, a brilliant young chap who came from a family of abject penury. Chukwu was into cultism “Black Axe” his hundred level. Abdullahi Babalola also served as his helping hand in academic aspect because Chukwu was not academically sound and was also academically bankrupt.

Owing to his participation in cultism, he had no time to study neither to serve God. The financial needs of his friend were always provided because one needs to use what one has to get what one wants. On the part of Janet, his fiancée, a beautiful lady who came from trained and middle class family always advised his fiancé to turn over a new life by studying hard and going to church. His participation in cultism was unknown to Janet and Abdullahi.

While in 300 level in the university, he had three carryovers in his courses. Owing to the fact that he always bribed the undisciplined and starved lecturers, he planned to bribe the lecturer that he failed his course. He went to the man’s office due to his boldness and arrogance. He sought his assistance and planned to bribe him with huge amount of money, but the man shunned and sent him out of his office. Chukwu with his Black Axe caucus planned and kidnapped the man who was later killed with a machete: “He who kills by sword, also dies by sword”.

On the part of the fiancée, Chukwu impregnated her and the lady did not want to abort the pregnancy because she knew that both had a shiny future. The wicked being did not want the news to be disseminated to his parents, so he planned to take a step by mixing an aborting tablet in her drink. Unknown to her, the soft drink was drunk by her and the pregnancy got terminated; the baby girl died not but her womb was damaged.

Janet later discovered that she was given a pregnancy terminating drink but as a lover she forgave his fiancé. But she knew not that her womb had been damaged but Chukwu knew this. He took her to the hospital when her condition was critical. The doctor said to Chukwu, “Your girl’s womb has been damaged; she can’t bear a child anymore.”

The nemesis caught up with the sadist when the criminologists discovered that the lecturer was murdered by Chukwu. His deviant behaviour led him to face the court of law and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The father lamented thus; I marred the life of my only child who is about to travel to the land of the silent ones’’. It is tragic on the part of the mother who tried her best to train him but not allowed by the father. They could not bear any child again.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-26 21:02:39
Indeed, there is at least one famous man who met his nemesis just before he died: Voltaire. He died cursing Dante.

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