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Just one target Just one target
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-07-20 18:42:00
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“Please, please sit down. I will start in a minute when you are all quiet.” The truth was that there was a lot of noise in the big room, but how many times do you have the chance to hear the youngest Nobel Prize winner in physics announcing that he has made a discovery that will change human history forever.

Over a hundred reporters from all the media outlets from all around the world had gathered in this room after an invitation they received a month ago, which very briefly informed them that Doctor Philip K. Ovi was ready to announce the biggest discovery ever. To be precise, there were one hundred twenty one in all, each very carefully selected from the university administration just to make sure that only the serious agencies would be invited.

At the far end of the room, exactly opposite to the entrance doors, was a long table at which Professor Ovi was sitting with two of his assistances on one side, the University’s Don on the other and another familiar face who later introduced himself as Doctor Michael Donnelly Professor of Biochemistry.

On the right-hand side there were six men, four in uniform and two in dark gray suits, obviously army and government. From their faces you could see that they had no idea what it was all about, which is something that governments and armies don’t usually appreciate and they were in a real hurry to find out. Some army vehicles were parked outside filled with soldiers suggested that the army was ready to take over depending upon how serious the discovery was.

“Thank you!” Through his glasses the professor looked at the crowd, he looked at his assistances on his right and then turned towards the strangely shaped door a bit further from them. Nobody had noticed that door before, but now watching the professor everybody turned to the door that was standing there on the left-hand side of the room seemingly leading nowhere. It was just a door at the side of the room. It had a frame, a keyhole and even a knocker, yet it was the funny glowing orange color that captured everybody’s attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow professors, dear generals and minister,” he started, while carefully looking in the direction of each of the people he was referring.

“As you all well know, I’m not exactly the person used to publicity and interviews, so I will try to make this brief and explain what I have discovered and then prove it to you.” That was true, usually Nobel Prize winner for physics, mathematics and chemistry were not the usual guests for talk shows.

“I was lucky enough to receive my first Nobel Prize at a very young age by contributing my little theory to modern mathematics and helping to find some solutions to the theory of relativity. I was once more lucky to be awarded for a second time ten years later for my contribution to physics and astrophysics. However, I’d like to assure that none of that was my true intention, even though the money has helped me continue my research.” Some of the reporters smiled here, not in a bad way, since they all had a sense of the professor’s sincerity.

“All this time there was just one target, among all the discoveries I have made; they were nothing other than one more solution or answer on my way to reaching my final target. My friends, for the last forty years space travel has been the most important direction, at least in my scientific field. However, I think that I have found another way to travel. Time travel.” Doctor Ovi said all that in a single breath and the truth was that it took the assembled guests some time to comprehend what he had just said.

Suddenly some stood up and started clapping, some of them started asking questions, others were still dumbstruck, others shook their head I disbelief, but the result was a room of total confusion. More confused than anybody else were the gentlemen from the army and government, they were just sitting there looking at each other in bewilderment.

“Please, please let me finish what I have to say and then you can ask whatever you want. Please do sit down.” The professor was ordering everybody about as though he was in a classroom and strangely enough it worked. In only a few seconds everybody had returned to their seat and sat looking at the doctor with curiosity written across their faces.

The professor didn’t sit down. He walked towards the strange orange door that was still shut.

“Well, this is it. It is not a machine as most of you would imagine and it is not a door either. It’s an Ovi. That’s the only name we could come up with,” he added, turning a smile in the direction of his two grinning assistances.

In the future you and the rest of the world will have the chance to check all the mathematics and physics involved with the Ovi, but at the moment I will ask you to keep quiet while I continue.” The professor took off the bleached-white laboratory coat he was wearing revealing a long gray smock and sandals. Mouths opened to ask a question, but no sound came out, and eyes were attempting to record everything they were seeing to memory. Again, there was total quiet in the room.

“Ovi takes us to the past. Always to the past and whenever we did the mathematics it proved that this is something we cannot change. As I said before, you will have the chance, you and the whole scientific community, to check out results. Before you start again…” he said, as he noticed that the army men had pulled themselves together and had begun moving in his direction. “I have to tell you that all my life I have been a devoted Christian,” at this point he paused and looked as though he was saying silent prayer.

“Till now we have not made any tests with Ovi, only simulations. It is about time that we make one and I want to be the first to travel into the past. Much more, I want to be there when the Lord, Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem. I want to be there when he performed his last miracles and I want, if possible, to be one of his followers and why not the 13th apostle?” With these words he withdrew a key fro his pocket and unlocked the door, his hand slowly reached out to the doorknob, turned it and began to pull it open.

A strange wind entered the room from the open door and everybody saw a gray fog begin moving into the room. The fog rapidly increased in mass and seemed to clog up the air. Everybody just watched. The generals had stopped and the reporters stopped writing; they all were glued to this event. The professor sensed that this wouldn’t last much longer and was nervous that the generals will stop him from proceeding any further, so he dashed into the fog. He had managed only a step before he was knocked back into the room, something had collided with him.

“Oh, my god, I failed!” It was the only thing he managed to say before a noise could be heard coming from out of the fog. Everybody was now straining to hear and understand what was going on, the room was filling with sounds and noises in a language unknown to them. Then came a song, “Hosanna! Hosanna!”

Somebody was singing. No not somebody, there were a lot of voices singing and then a leaf blew into the room. It was a palm leaf and it was followed by another. Everybody moved backwards, except the professor who was still on the floor with his eyes wide open. More singing came and then he felt something else come out of the fog.

The cries of ‘Hosanna!’ had suddenly turned to screams that had made everybody in the room turn pale. One of the professor’s assistances ran past the professor and managed to force the Ovi, with the help of his back. The gray fog began to clear and the room stared in horror at a strange shape that was beginning to appear.

In front of the Ovi, next to the doctor was a donkey, a small gray-white donkey and upon its back was a man. A man dressed in a long white dress and sandals. He was a man with long hair and a beard, plus a very familiar smile on his face. The professor was the first one to react.

“Jesus Christ! What have I done?”

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