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 International Women's DayInternational Women's Day by The Ovi Team
International Women\'s Day (8 March) is an occasion marked by women\'s groups around the world. This date is also commemorated
 The Spiritual and Socialist Start of International Women's DayThe Spiritual and Socialist Start of International Women's Day by Rene Wadlow
 Many Forms of Violence against Women by Rene Wadlow
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 International Day of Women:The Goddess of March by Rene Wadlow
 Women and the People's Revolution by Rene Wadlow
It is only when women start to organise in large numbers that we become a political force, and begin to move towards the possibility of a truly democratic society in which every human being can be brave, responsible, thinking and diligent in the strug
 International Women's Day Celebration in Afghanistan by Katherine Carmichael
All across eastern Afghanistan International Security Assistance Forces, Afghan national security forces, as well as Afghan women, and provincial government officials gathered to prepare beforehand and to celebrate women's day March 8.
 25 November: Silent Violence Against Women by Rene Wadlow
25 November is the UN-proclaimed International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Violence against women is a year-round occurrence and continues to an alarming degree.  Violence against women is an attack upon their bodily in
 For the Elimination of Violence against Women by Thanos Kalamidas
And let's hope that the beginning of the end is ...here!  
 Women: The ultimate cause of war by Joseph Gatt
Why do people hate Muslims so much? Studies have long argued that the religion has no moderate voices and encourages violence and terrorism. Others stipulate that many Muslim countries are oil dictatorships and that Saudi Arabia, through channe
 Musings on Three Eminent Italian Women: Gentileschi, Agnesi, and Montessori by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 Berlusconi as the Fellinesque Clown of Europe? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
“We are a regressing country, Italian political parties, all of them, are responsible for that situation, instead of giving more rights in our country full citizenship spaces get everyday smaller, this is really dangerous, and society is regress
 The Goddess of March by Rene Wadlow
 Why do we bother? by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m one of those lucky ones who have been blessed to travel a lot - partly because of my work, partly because of my love to travel and mostly because of the people. I love traveling and I love meeting people, different languages, different c
 Need for Concerted Action: Elimination of Violence Against Women by Rene Wadlow
 Because the abuse is not only physical by Thanos Kalamidas
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women! Writing it I felt that it sounds so pompous! I mean we all are so pompous, full of fancy words and declarations with organizations governmental and nongovernmental, institutes and fo
 Neither violence against women nor poverty are inevitable by The Ovi Team
 Irene Khan, Amnesty International writes about the links between violence against women and poverty to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. As w
 Lights! Action! Mascara! by Asa Butcher
 Holy Sarah and the debate by Thanos Kalamidas
Of course I had to watch the only debate between the two hopeful vice-presidents, Palin and Baden, and as most of the people who did the same the reason for me to do so was the name 'Sarah Palin'. Ok, I have issues with this woman and my b
 Gender and Society - are women still a minority? by Saberi Roy
I have been traveling widely for the last few years and although like any artist I have often felt that I have transcended my smaller identities, like gender for instance, society it seems has a way of reminding people that there are barriers to m
 A General Critic of a Hyper-Materialistic Society by Alexandra Pereira
Of course, we could talk about paedophile networks and murders ordered via internet, as well as terrorism, terrorists and their marketing campaigns or (why not?) politics, politicians and their marketing campaigns, multinationals and their marketi
 Jane of Thought: Mother's Day, yeah baby! by Jane Eagle
Hellooooo!!! Who missed me? Ok, alright, wow so many, get in line, don’t push each other… but enough of me, this is not a special day for me after all ‘cause I got no kids. Today it’s Mother’s Day, so come on, go and
 Whom the Goddesses would destroy, they first make unaware by Rene Wadlow
The goddesses have a sense of tragic irony by bringing together anniversary dates with events which highlight the opposition to the values being celebrated. Thus this year, with ironic timing, the world marks March 8th as International Women
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