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 Trip to Iraq, anyone? by Cat Ellis
 Living on River GuayaLiving on River Guaya by Alexander Mikhaylov
River Guaya that borders an Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, is awfully wide. In morning, it rises with a high tide, swelling as it goes, then stops and turns the other way around, exposing a narrow strip of mud along its banks, littered with rubb
 Wicked is the world by Trol
Somehow it is expected among fellow Greeks that as a Greek myself I would feel some particular attachment to the Aegean Sea, enough to exclude any other destination for my summer vacation, while I personally have often preferred and favoured other
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 A neighbourhood called earth! by Thanos Kalamidas
How would you have reacted reading that in Australia riots had started against immigrants and they were already counting dead? I bet you would be shocked, you would have read the news again and again trying to understand how that could have happen
 A Finnish Souven-ear by Asa Butcher
When I read that a Finnish tourist had vandalised one of the ancient Moai statues on Easter Island, my first thought was the bad title now heading this piece. However, as I considered how arrogant this man's actions were, I began to feel the s
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