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 When a Roma... by Thanos Kalamidas
It looks like Nicolas Sarkozy’s legacy in modern European history will be connected with the destiny and the torturing past of the Roma people; and despite the EU commissioner’s extreme comment comparing France’s attitude to the
 Crise Economique Et Sociale: En Sortir Par La Musculation Du Perinee? by Europe & Us
Vous trouvez le Président excédé, fatigué voire même agressif face aux remarques des français ? Et bien, c'est parce que vous n'êtes pas assez attentif à ses efforts destinés à obtenir la z
 A prank, a political trash and a lot of lawyers by Thanos Kalamidas
"You know, I can see you as President one day," and she answers, "Maybe in eight years!" But he didn’t stop there, he told her that he loves hunting and she answers fast, "I think we could have a lot of fun together
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 A patchwork of mistakes by Thanos Kalamidas
For the next few days we are going to see a lot of photos with George W. Bush embracing Nicola Sarkozy, actually we are going to see the American president loving and kissing the old Europe just to put the last patch in the gigantic patchwork call
 E-médias citoyens et élections européennes 2009 : un rendez-vous démocratique historique? by Newropeans-Magazine
Et si les élections européennes de Juin 2009 constituaient un moment historique privilégié pour l'affirmation des e-médias citoyens comme principaux organes de presse démocratique de ce d
 Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 3Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 3 by Joseph Gatt
A racist and an anti-SemiteLike many French personalities, including France’s highest ranked politicians, Nicolas Sarkozy has made several statements that sho
 Sarkozy: Leave the French alone - Part 2Sarkozy: Leave the French alone - Part 2 by Joseph Gatt
Twisted private life Sarkozy manipulated the media to become France’s most talked about personality. However, as president, and before he became president, he has had
 Balkanisation, un nom fourre-tout pour toutes les saisons? by Newropeans-Magazine
Le 25 janvier dernier, en s’exprimant au sujet de la réforme du système de recherche en France, Nicolas Sarkozy a fait recours à l’expression de « Balkanisation »... L’occasion de
 Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 1Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 1 by Joseph Gatt
The personality cult Ever since Sarkozy became visible on the political scene, he never missed an oppor
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