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 Analysandly blindAnalysandly blind by David Barger
       Roger dodger       Came the call.The lunatics have escaped!     They hide within
 Window PainWindow Pain by Pamela Hunt
The cat…slate gray, stands sentry-At the bedroom window, sentry for centuries…standing like an old, tall building,Green eyes panicky….The sk
 At this tableAt this table by Bohdan Yuri
Reservations at eightat our favorite table,you were fashionably late, a less than cherished fable. you ordered the usual wineI, a double blue label.in our most best of times
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 HeirHeir by Pamela Hunt
The lighthouse looms tall behind us…The vast ocean couldn\'t contain all the love-We shared!That was before the night I to
 The lines by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
The more I approach, the more I move awayThe more I move away, the more I co-existConstantlyLarge linesBelonging to the infinite one
 The softest petal by Bohdan Yuri
The softest petal of a roseis the one that molds its own virgin soul,that’s closestto its heart,the warmth of birth,is just a memory,as it unfolds.anx
 Poets at Heroes Acre by Emmanuel Sigauke
Exhume poets and bury themat the Heroes Acre.Give them space, respect their shivering bonesRebury them there, those who spoke never to quitthe teeth of whos
 Angels & FoolsAngels & Fools by Nic Mepham
Where are you going?The voice asked wearilyTired of the endless drainAssociated with his name The pointless repetition of fickle n
 Hale Michigan by Pamela Hunt
Living here…I begin to feel a little intimate with Ole Bessy!(A cow\'s udder…for a mudder?) Heaven forbid!No friends, yet? So, I\'m outsi
 ThoughtThought by Emma Farley
‘I am finished’ he saysAs he pins me down.Words on a page,Waiting to be read,This means life, release,From the pages in which I am bound.B
 Fallen Angel by Pamela Hunt
Yesterday my heart…knew sun!Today it is empty!Yesterday the war was won…..And I was fulfilling my destiny!
 Airplane Pat Downs and X-Rays by Leah Sellers
Patty Cake, Patty Cake      Pat Me Down X-Ray My Bones      So I can leave Town
 Judgement passed down by David Barger
Football is hiked,Rearranged from ground To center’s hand Flashed between legsInto quarterback’s palms;Time quickens in blur commotion.A pile collapses, and right footBecomes a lame memberS
 Between alcohol and chocolate bars by David Barger
I was just beginning to write a screenplayWhen a poem came trickling outOf the complex fortitude in my mind.I sat quietly visioning the steady flow,As I realized if done, it must be done right.I proceeded to undergo a self-pr
 The Ant HillThe Ant Hill by Abigail George
Groveling then buskingAll at onceAnd all in timeLeaving a ferris-wheel trailAcross a deep mountainous climbDescended with rapture and with joyTheir mindless triumphant demeanour
 "Defining God?" by Leah Sellers
Baptized in the Waters of LifeBaptized in the Waters of Mother's WombCrying out - Reaching out - First Breath drawnI long for the Cosmic Relationship - the ConnectionI slid away from - swam away Form
 "In the Line of Fire" by Leah Sellers
That trickle of Sweat down the Soldier's CheekHolds his Hope for continued LifeAnd the Courage to do what's RightThat Sweat on his Brow from Days of MarchingDays of carefully nudging the enemy out
 "Beyond what is seen" by David Barger
A wish is a dreamThat fell in between The cushionsOf an overused sofa.That is what the sign readIn the white roomWith the floor covered In bubbles.Ceiling fans lifted thoseNot secure on the floor
 "Little things becoming" by David Barger
What feather soared higher than any dream?A dream is not developed within an egg.It is ordained              within the salvation of the mind.The idea which is lifted from
 "Postmarked the day before yesterday" by David Barger
Dearest child,How well can you recount your days?Days filled of joy and laughterAs you ran aroundDirty ditches,Endless streams,And bountiful fields.Young mind like a spongeSoaking
 "Crucified Children" by David Sparenberg
After a long silence, the women answered: "The most important thing that anyone could do would be to help collect the bodies that line the streets in front of our homes every morning. No one dares to touch them, but for us it is
 çizgiler by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Yakınlaştıkça uzaklaştığımUzaklaştıkça birlikte yaşadığımHer an içinDuygularıma dokunanSonsuzluğun bir parças
 "Les lignes" by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Plus je m’approche plus je m’éloignePlus je m’éloigne, plus je coexisteA tout momentLes grosses lignesFont partie de l’infiniQui effleure mes sentiments…
 "Chi danza al ritmo della sua musica" by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Chi mangia carne.... derivati del latte e dessertnon può  apprezzare il tuo  valoreAnche se la pietra si incrinassetu non potrai far  aprire finestre alla loro durezza di cuorePersone come
 "Kendileri calip, kendileri oynayanlar" by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Etliyle… sütlüyle… tatlıyla beslenenlerBilemezler senin kıymetini. Taş çatlasa da onlara açtıramazsınÇiftliklerinin pencerelerini…
 "Those who dance to the rhythm of their own music" by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
Those who nourish themselves on meats, dairy products and dessertsCannot estimate you at your fair value. Even if stone cracked, you cannot make them openThe windows of their farm …People like y
 "The Rhyme of the Drunken Mariners" by Andrew Farley
Are we sitting comfortably?If yes then I’ll begin.To tell a tale so tall and toughyour head and tongue will spin.Two sailors sat and sung a songthat sounded slightly odd.They sniffed an
 "Remorse" by Pamela Hunt
I'm getting too old….to keep running, from the pain-(from reality)How long have I done this?Keeping the tears…the fears in?Until I finally "feel it….The failed marriage…Losin
 "Boyfriend..." by Pamela Hunt
I love you more than words can tell….I'd love you from the depths of hell!I have loved you through thick and thin…Through bad and good and every sin!I cooked your food…I
 "Sea Note" by Jan Sand
The sea in its seasonsNeed not supply reasonsFor flipping and slopping,For wetness and swish,For frothing and chopping,And swirling its fish,For rising and fallingAnd endless
 "Schiavo" by Jan Sand
In time previous the static starsIn seeming peace, immobile, securely,Nailed firm into the firmament.Sense is devious.Stars have a term to bloomOut of dust compaction,Gravity seduc
 "Marine Mentality" by Jan Sand
A shark is a fish who could find you delishAfter a gulp at a squidFor this carnivoreHas a mind at its coreComprised in toto of id.
 "fallen faces" by Bohdan Yuri
fallen faces lined on cruel sidewalksbodies sprawled against the walls.one disappears, another takes its place,forgotten under dirt, in man’s lost space.fallen faces can’t fi
 "The 'F' Word" by Jan Sand
Societies have their ups and downs,Their ins and outs, their entanglements.Like flocks of birds, they can panic,Have their senses warped by sentimentsNot well thought out, or by tradition.
 "The Castaway" by Jan Sand
This island is small now, and diminishing.When I first arrived, it seemed so vast.No hint then of decrease, of vanishing.But that was long ago, in the past.The sea is black. A reservoir
 "Credit" by Jan Sand
There is a persistent tendency In humanity
 "gate gate" by Linda Lane
the storythe carp had a long standing agreement with a turtlethe turtle who holds the world on his backsaid, one day after a successful game of chancecraps, maybe, or p
 Charles Darwin and a pool partyCharles Darwin and a pool party by Alexander Mikhaylov
He was a nice guyFunny and loud especiallyAfter a few drinks and a couple of joints He often repeated just how much He loved EcuadorAnd Latin American music‘Man! There is not
 "I wish" by Bohdan Yuri
you are black I am whiteI wish you could be morelike meyou are white I am blackI wish you could be morelike meI am white you are blackI wish I could be more
 "Ragged Magic" by Jan Sand
Tall and thin.Tall and thin with a grin.An ironic smile, with guileTo permit an opening. Friendly enoughSo that approach might coachIn anticipation a reciprocal Appreciation.
 "how high" by Bohdan Yuri
how high is itto the sky above,reasonasks me why.I tell itto remain belowthat blue puffof moving smoke.insteadit keeps meawed,about the st
 "Hurray For Evolution" by Jan Sand
My great grand daddy was a dinosaurMy brother was a monkey.I came from what had come before.I think one was a donkey.A relative of long agoI'm sure once was a frog.With certain
 "sadness" by Bohdan Yuri
sadness does come bylike seasons on the fly:the joyful birth of hope,nurtured buds fully grown, sharp cuts into your soul,that leave your heart cold.sadness does come b
 Something exoticSomething exotic by Alexander Mikhaylov
We flew to Madrid from Stockholm in an early morningIn Stockholm, it was cold but in Madrid it got betterWading through Spanish crowd, killing a few hoursBefore our next flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador
 "Anatomic Bombs" by Jan Sand
If I stroke a girl's behindThere's nothing new to findAs the effort gives responses uniform.I am fairly well acquaintedThat the form, as often painted,Has nothing much to vary fr
 "no matter where I go" by Bohdan Yuri
no matter where I goI will never fall downand not get up again,until the day I die,no matter where I go,I will try again,and again,even after I die,I hopeI
 "Jonah" by Jan Sand
Having survived past the teeth And tumbled, confused, in panicDown the slimy throat beneath,I now reside in this organicHeaving place of strange smellsDivorced from stormy seas(No
 Strip pokerStrip poker by Alexander Mikhaylov
I was fifteen years old at that timeStudying at trade school, skipping it often whenTwo of my buddies came over to my placeIt was a quiet afternoon, one of those I normally choose to stay at home
 Economize!Economize! by Alexander Mikhaylov
It’s the end of August and we are Low on moneyLike the last summerAnd the summer before that It never ends…It’s always like thisIt will be always like thisN
 Mr & Mrs Blake by The Finn-Brit Players
Hot on the heels of The Mourning Primrose (thanks to everyone who came to see it!) is our next show, Mr & Mrs Blake, which is written and directed by Joe White. It's on at FINNBRIT, Freda 20
 "Only the Landscape Knows" by Emmanuel Sigauke
Let me whisper to the bush, guardian of my homelet me proclaim the message of arrivalin this time of warlet me not leave any stone unturnedlet me whisper to the bushlet me say:
 "The most beautiful parts of me" by Thanos Kalamidas
Click the cover to download Thanos' PDF poem (free of charge).
 "on the opal road" by Bohdan Yuri
on the opal road to nowhere, before the waters of Eden gave birth to formality and mistaken identities, mystifying our memory with the method of the veil, lent on hand to cover,
 "The War & the Village" by Emmanuel Sigauke
The old women of my village plundered by war -McMillan’s Wind raging and howling, a new era groaned to it's dawn.I saw the old men of Mazvihwa thrashed to near-deathby war-drunk youths and the comr
 "this bottle of mine" by Bohdan Yuri
off the street that’s set too far,there’s a dark lit alley barthat hasn’t got a name.its a seedy back room dreamwhere needy lovers survive the carousel of pain.
 "The Wanderer" by Ovi Magazine Guest
I wander this world sans abriWalk endless hours sans chaussuresAnd even though sans argentI feel quite sans çaA wanderer\'s life might seem sans butBut a wanderer knows better
 "towel my heart" by Bohdan Yuri
towel my heart, it’s drenched with tears. today a child died. it came so near to fill the spaces but lost its trace to the human race. towel my heart it’s d
 Ticklish ChanceTicklish Chance by John Pederson
Bouncing down the stairs she hit her headI thought it was funny but nothing was saidMy friend and I thought that she was fineI felt in my heart that she would be mineBut I played i
 Shortest shortsShortest shorts by John Pederson
CHS cross-country wears the shortest of shorts,To run fast and look sexy while out on the course.Shards of blue and gold but mostly naked skin,for we know what really matters lies deep within.
 On 'Promises!' by F. A. Hutchison
'The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have PROMISES to keep, and miles to go before I sleep!' Henry David ThoreauAnd what are the 'promises' Thoreau is talking about? The 'promises' to himself to
 EvolutionEvolution by Jan Sand
The dream of universeIs filled with shoals of starsThat caressWith fingers of gravityLight years long.In qualities more compact,Strands of thought pull softlyThrough the drea
 A small breakfastA small breakfast by Jan Sand
I would haveA small breakfastOf your future hopes.Let me eat your babiesShaken from their stalks,Ground fine to make my morning toast.You others,Having raised you as my child
 Old BoxesOld Boxes by Jan Sand
My old Christmases are packed awayIn the dusty corrugated boxes of my memory.Their glossy paints of red and green are chipped and cracked.A bent and twisted tinsel star that once shoneFrom the
 ReligionReligion by Jan Sand
I made my god of fudge,Stuck two almonds in for eyesAnd peppermint squares for teethWith cherry gumdrops underneath -A stick of licorice, nose to size.I made this god my judge.
 Summer SunSummer Sun by Nic Mepham
the sun an infrequent friend popping in now and again while welcome stays on often far too long yet we miss him dearly the instant he is gone the moon
 The Company Thinking CapThe Company Thinking Cap by Nic Mepham
I wake   each morning  
 Smurfs and sidewalk chalkSmurfs and sidewalk chalk by John Pederson
Grass stains and soccer cleats Kickball, hotbox, night games fill summer weeks  
 Sexuality DualitySexuality Duality by Nic Mepham
The chicken and the egg   The meeting of minds  
 KnowKnow by F. A. Hutchison
No violence,   No peace!  
 LifeLife by Theo Versten
sitting on my desk chair   pants off  
 Coming eventsComing events by Jan Sand
Following the big bang,   All sorts of things,  
 Terminator by Jan Sand
Sunlight steaming off The furnace of the Sun
 WarWar by Jan Sand
A cheese roll and a coffee cup   To accompany the morning chatter of the radio
 PotteryPottery by Jan Sand
To make a pot,   One must coerce,  
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