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 Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of RumYo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum by The Ovi Team
Fifteen men on a dead man\'s chestYo ho ho and a bottle of rumDrink and the devil had done for the restYo ho ho and a bottle of rum.The mate was fixed by the bosun\'s pik
 Talk like a Pirate Day: The Princess Bride by Asa Butcher
Today, me hearties, is International Talk like a Pirate Day and for the fourth consecutive year Ovi magazine has joined the celebrations by hoisting the Skull and Crossbones up its flagpole and writing a pirate-themed article. This year I am ho
 Pirate copies ahoy! by Asa Butcher
"How on earth are you able to watch that?" exclaimed Dad as he walked into the lounge. The year was 1989 and the 'that' to which he was referring was a second or third generation VHS pirate copy of Tim Burton's Batman
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 Pirate-drunk by Steve Cartwright
It's well known that an artist becomes more popular by dying, so I'm typing this with one hand while pummeling my head with a frozen mackerel with the other. Take a gander ( or a goose ) at my online gallery. And please hurry with your
 Finn Brits Ahoy! by Asa Butcher
Murder, mystery, a flower and real steel await you in the Finn Brit Player's autumn production of The Mourning Primrose, which continues tonight. If you want to escape the gloom of Helsinki's early w
 Mr and Mrs Pirate by Asa Butcher
What could be more appropriate than a review of a pirate-themed book on International Talk like a Pirate Day? Don't worry, me hearties, I shall not be writing this review using pirate vernacular nor
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