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 For My Husband by Virginia Maria Romero
For My Husband Alone together       we enter night’s arenawith one last glimmer       twilig
 The Works of Arman NobariThe Works of Arman Nobari by Arman Nobari
I come from a very culturally mixed background and upbringing, with stories of my relatives escaping Iran in the 70\'s, or experiencing racism in the United States during this same time. Many of my pieces attempt to interact with the dialogue between c
 Lift Spirits 230Lift Spirits 230 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Lift Spirits, HERE! For more Ovi Cartoons, HERE!  
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 Galleria Uusitalo: Totte Mannes & Panu Ruotsalo by Marjukka Uusitalo
Totte Mannes Maalauksia sarjasta "Puretut veistokset"3.7. – 3.8.2008
 Uusitalo by Riipinen by Marjukka Uusitalo
Uusitalo by RiipinenFrom the pages of the News of the World to Art NewsRetrospective Exhibition 1997 -2008Selected Works from
 Nunes Gallery Helsinki: A Changing Picture by Alexandra Pereira
Until June 1st in Nunes Gallery, Satu Bethell is presenting the exhibition A Changing Picture, with painting and photography artworks, sponsored by Hämen taidetoimikunta and Hausjärven kunta.
 Skying Artwork in a National Museum: Salvador Dali by Linda Lane
Interesting that searching I am unable to find anything on the Web about 'Skying Artwork'. What is "to sky artwork"? It is the practice, infringing on moral copyright, of hanging or displaying artwork in such a way that it can
 My William Blake by Thanos Kalamidas
I think it was March 1978 the first time I stepped inside the Tate Gallery in London and for me it was a thrilling experience that I had dreamed of long before ever arriving inside the gallery’s yard. Everything was there, Dali, Matisse, Pic
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