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 Nature lessons #1 by Roland Helerand
“Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones. It is easier to get a spark out of a stone than a moral.”  -
John Burroughs Ovi magazine is proud to present Roland Helerand’
 The Robbers & Natural Disasters by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Natural disasters are always difficult times for the victims to go through. For most people, they are traumatic experiences. In an earthquake of the large seismic magnitude that recently hit Haiti (January 12) and Chile (February 27) there is very
 A Third Window, beyond Materialistic and Mechanistic Philosophies of Nature by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
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 Flying to a New World by Frances Zheng
As you can see, this is a picture of two pigeons enjoying the warm sunshine on a lazy summer afternoon. That\'s what I thought too when I took this photo, but after a few seconds, I realized I was wrong...
 Nice Beavers! by Clint Wayne
A few years ago while walking in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales my wife and I thought ourselves extremely fortunate to happen upon a wild otter swimming nonchalantly upstream. It was one of those special wildlife moments that only ever seemed to ha
 Born to be Wild by Valerie Sartor
"Women often ask if they can tag along on my expeditions but I usually have a good excuse to put them off," John Hare said, eyes twinkling, "In this case, because were again traipsing across the Lop Nur Desert, a former Chinese nucl
 Jane of Thought: Mother's Day, yeah baby! by Jane Eagle
Hellooooo!!! Who missed me? Ok, alright, wow so many, get in line, don’t push each other… but enough of me, this is not a special day for me after all ‘cause I got no kids. Today it’s Mother’s Day, so come on, go and
 Facing In and Facing Out by Jan Sand
A good many animals have tails and I consider it a personal tragedy that I am missing one. A well-articulated prehensile tail could be a very useful addition to my physiology. While I'm typing at my word processor I would very much appreciate
 Recycling hypocrisy by Thanos Kalamidas
When you first come to Finland one of the things you learn is how sensitive Finnish people are to environmental issues. There is careful recycling in every single house and awareness of how to treat the forest, which is quite impressive for every
 A Bold Confession by Clint Wayne
My family have always suspected it, but since my childhood I have to admit that I have been living a lie. I know I look the same dressed in my customary shorts and T-shirt and I know I sound the same prattling on about my beloved ‘Toon
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