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 From Narcissus to Tantalus by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
Lately we have seen analyzed in the pages of Ovi both the myth of Narcissus and the myth of Tantalus as they apply to human nature and human personality. The greatest disagreement seems to revolve around the issue of man’s freedom vis a vis
 Angola's Creation Myth (The Ovimbundu legend) by Alexandra Pereira
The ethnic group of the Ovimbundus explains the origin of Angola as a nation and of several ethnic groups as descending from the Ovimbundus themselves. The designation of Angola derives from the name of the Ngola kings, and some defend that these
 The Japanese Founding Myth by Alexandra Pereira
Japan is an incredibly rich country in poetic myths and legends, many of these derived from folk tales, Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. The majority of them were recorded in the Kojiki or “Book of Ancient Things”, the oldest chronic
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 Feng Shui and Celestial Creatures by Valerie Sartor
From time immemorial Chinese culture has been loaded with symbols. They range from auspicious numbers, ancient Chinese characters and pictographs, colors and coins, dates and times - to animals, both f
 Laulajat ianikuiset by Riku Pyhala
Kalevalan päivä? Sen kirjan, eriskummallisen kansalliseepoksen? Sen loputtoman pitkän riimirunotarinan, jota pakkoluetettiin peruskoulussa kuin ruotsin kieltä? Viime kuukausina olen sattumalta pal
 The Tupi Legend for the Origin of the Night by Alexandra Pereira
This is the original legend by the Tupi tribes of the Amazon for the Creation of the Night. The natives believe that in the beginning of everything there was a perman
 Mistletoe, Mythology and Medicine by Stuart Muscroft
Kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition shrouded in myth as is mistletoe’s medicinal heritage. I spent some time looking at numerous web pages and have found there are Norse myths handed down orally and Greek myth
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