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 Journalism under national security by Thanos Kalamidas
To say that the Watergate scandal marked American history is an underestimation of the real effect it had in international history and how much it changed the role journalism with those two tiredly connected. The two reporters who made the scandal
 Sometimes, Journalism Stops Free Speech by Doug McGill
The central theme of this talk has been how journalism's weak ethics tradition hampers its ability to adapt and evolve in today's globally interdependent world. Journalists define ethics almost exclusively
 The Buddha, the Dharma and the Media by Doug McGill
There is an old interviewing trick journalists use to get people to say things far more intimate than they planned to reveal. The trick wo
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 My Language Crimes at The New York Times by Doug McGill
Journalism has much to be humble about, but one special area where journalists need to tread with special diffidence and without mindless stomping is language.
 The True Promise of Citizen Journalism by Doug McGill
It was never easy being a journalist, but it’s especially tough these days. A journalist today not only must get the color of the man’s hat
 What I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists by Doug McGill
Three years ago, I started teaching basic journalism skills to citizens in community education classes in Minneapolis. Since then I’ve taught about a hundred ordinary folks – school teachers, governmen
 Why Can't Journalism Talk About Its Own Morals? by Doug McGill
As the New Year rolls in like an inexorable tide, I have watched the elections, done some reading and made a resolution as a journalist, as a citizen, and as a guy.It's a resolution about, um, morality. It'
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