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 Greek Independence by Thanos Kalamidas
March 25th for the Greek people is a very special day and a dual celebration. On this day in 1821 the Greeks began a revolution against the Ottoman Empire that led to freedom and independence after 400 years of occupation and for the Greek Orthodo
 The 'Not So' Small Faces of Liberation by Leah Sellers
Bastille Day! Liberation Day! July 4th! Independence Day!Days of Historical Memory steeped in traditions and symbols of Freedom - of Liberty and the Actions/ Near Actions which led to that Liberty. The Sacrifices great
 Hot Heads and Cold Wars by Jack Wellman
"We, the democratically elected leaders of our people, hereby declare Kosovo to be an independent and sovereign state," the Parliament’s proclamation read. One would have thought Kosovo was celebrating a new year, but perhaps more
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 Kosovo: Pandora's Box opened by Thanos Kalamidas
Imagine that the Sami parliament decides in the next few days that they have had enough of being mistreated and misunderstood by the Finnish government so they decide that within a two month period they are going to declare their independence from
 Finland 90 Years Ago, Kingdom Come...Not by Hank W.
Meine lieben Leser, Willkommen zur wechselnden Wirklichkeit des Königreiches von Finnland. Heute feiern wir die Wahl von Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin von Hessen-Kassel, Prinz und Landgraf zu Hessen zum König…
 Finland's Birthday Back-slapping by Asa Butcher
On May 1st earlier this year, the United Kingdom celebrated the 300th anniversary of the 1707 Acts of Union that merged the Scots Parliament and the English Parliament to form the Parliament of Great Britain and a single Kingdom of Great Britai
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