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You search by tag - high-school-shooting

 It happened in Athens by Thanos Kalamidas
When the tragic events in Helsinki, Finland unveiled and we all read about the young boy that shot his classmates and teachers in the local school I wrote an article talking about the identity crisis and the chances the new generation has to deal
 A German lullaby by Thanos Kalamidas
And it did happen again and this time in Germany, with more victims - fifteen, the news say, including the boy that held the gun. The question remains, who put this gun in his hand and who triggered it! The answer is unknown and we are all waiting
 This is Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few hours I’m sitting in front my computer looking at a white document page and thinking what should I write. The last few hours, friends from abroad have called me asking if I know anything about the events in Kauhajoki as most of
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 Déjà-vu in 'little quiet' Finland by Asa Butcher
Once again Finland and the watching world are treated to a violent glimpse into the deeply disturbed social problems that are affecting the heart of its society, yet have been ignored for far too long. Another misguided Finn, the second in eleven
 Why again? by The Ovi Team
Nineteen wounded young boys and girls, ten wounded three killed, four killed, thirty killed! These are not reports from a battlefield, these are casualties of young people in schools, colleges and universities in our western world. Casualties of w
 Finlandia si­, pero con respeto mejor by Antonio Diaz
Tras los terribles hechos sucedidos en el instituto de Tuusula, mi primera reacción, como supongo que sucedió con la mayoría, fue de rabia e impotencia. Quería escribir algo lleno de furia ante lo que difícilmente puede se
 Nothing surprises me any moreNothing surprises me any more by Alexander Mikhaylov
Late, or not so late reflections on the November 7th shooting...It has been said and written on countless occasions that \'Nothing can surprise me any more\'. Personally, I cannot agree with that. Cynical as I am, I feel perplexed w
 To be born a Finn by Thanos Kalamidas
Today the flags all around Finland are at half-mast and the mood of the people even lower, and somehow I feel so angry with myself. It's only a couple of weeks ago when I wrote an article where I often emphasized that something has changed lat
 End of innocence by Asa Butcher
Numb, simply numb, is the only word I can use to sum up the reaction of the citizens of Finland yesterday when they became the latest member of a growing list of countries who have undergone high school shootings. A layer of innocence was cruelly
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