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 World Thalassaemia DayWorld Thalassaemia Day by The Ovi Team
Thalassaemia is the name of a group of genetic inherited disorders of the blood. More specifically, it is a disorder of the haemoglobin molecule inside the red blood cells.
 Scientist finds Aids virusScientist finds Aids virus by The Ovi Team
April 23rd 1984; Scientist finds Aids virus. The discovery of a virus which may cause Aids, the fatal disease sweeping through America, has been hailed as a \"monumental breakthrough\" in medical research. The development was announced in Washi
 Living with a father who suffers from bipolarLiving with a father who suffers from bipolar by Abigail George
My father gives a unique, relevant and compelling voice to the invisible voice that prevails when it comes to the invisible thread of mood disorders. He has suffered from bipolar mood disorder from his late teens. During his own personal life e
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 Why Medicare and Medicaid Cuts? by Leah Sellers
El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger, Sir! You keep shouting out to all of your Radio Airwave Listeners about Medicaid and Medicare cuts. You continue to stir up the Fear Monger Stew Pot for the elderly and disabled concerning these proposed Medicaid and
 The Great Elitist Prevaricator by Leah Sellers
El Supremo Rancid-o Limberger. Slice per slice, you’re a tasty piece for (and of) mice and men.Squeak per squeak, on the Airwaves you speak the Elitist propaganda and end each prevarication with - In Malevolent Capitalis
 Let's Play Monopoly...Or Not! by Leah Sellers
Uh-oh! Before we Spin the National Roulette Wheel on Healthcare, America - let’s have a Reality check! The Insurance Companies (and the Banks They own and that in turn own/and or run the Insurance Companies - Is tha
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