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 Fiendishly Clever by Linda Lane
Fiendishly clever she made a deposit to move in but never paid the rent. Her landlord called the first time on the 5th and inquired when the rent would be sent. Some excuse was made.
 Pins and NeedlesPins and Needles by Andrew Farley
Even before I opened my eyes, I could the feel the warm midday sun splashed across my face. As the room came into focus and my eyes adjusted to the light, a familiar sense of disappointment washed over me. I don’t dream very often you see, d
 The Dead Pinky 1 by Theo Versten
"The thing was that it just freaked me out that she didn’t have a pinky finger on her right hand anymore…" Quite an intriguing opening line to a story and it gets better, as Th
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 The Dead Pinky 6 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part six I continued, “The best thing about knowing you was probably when we’d leave a party and pretend like I was going to drop you off at home and then park
 The Dead Pinky 3 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Three This girl deeply intrigued me. And her tight cleavage shined directly at me. Her eye shadow was blue.
 The Dead Pinky 4 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Four Classes were okay. Nothing to write home about. They were large. Lots of people in a room listening
 The Dead Pinky 2 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Two This was college. I had never been much of a drinker. But I found myself with a full cup for the fourth time wit
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