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 What does it mean to be an American? by Leah Sellers
I am an American - a teacher - an artist. So, why am I living in a tent in the woods?As a teacher, an idealist, I have struggled for many causes during my lifetime. I believe in standing up for and struggling for principals or situat
 The Tamera Peace Research Centre II by Alexandra Pereira
Tamera is no religious sect, Tamera is no science-fiction, Tamera is a Peace Village of the Future, and it is really happening… in the South of Portugal.
 The Tamera Peace Research Centre by Alexandra Pereira
On Peace, Human Ecology, Alternative Energies, the Solar Power Village and the idea of the Global Campus “Think Local, Act Global”
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 America's Workman Compensation: The Nation's Good Samaritan? by Leah Sellers
The Good Samaritan is a metaphor and story that warmly resonates within the hearts and minds of most Americans. What have I learned this past year about the concept of the Good Samaritan within our present Workman's Compensation system? That i
 Some immigrants dislike immigrationSome immigrants dislike immigration by Joseph Gatt
Putting the blame on immigrants has the consequence of seeing more and more immigrants oppose immigration. If they can’t beat people with hate speeches towards immigration, they’ll join them.In France, the ultim
 Uusi tyo vaatii uudet kujeet by Maippi Tapanainen
Pätkätöistä puhutaan paljon, yleensä pahaa ja käsitettä sen tarkemmin määrittelemättä. Vailla vakituista työsuhdetta elävä ihminen ei kuitenkaan o
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