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 Cypriot report by Euro Reporter
Cyprus warns deadline is near for bank rescue Cyprus's finance minister warned that the clock is ticking for the island to secure funding to recapitalize its second-biggest bank, a move that cou
 An idiot peacekeeper in Darfur by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m not sure why, but when I read that the UN’s military commander in Sudan said that the six years of civil war in Darfur has effectively ended, I remembered George W. Bush on the day he proudly declared the Iraqi mission accomplis
 An Ethiopian Strongman Meets The Minnnesota Anuak by Doug McGill
The burning question in the days before the tense meeting held here last Saturday was: How would the traumatized survivors of an accused mass killer greet the very person who had planned their doom?
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 Gone for a Barton by Clint Wayne
As a Newcastle United supporter for nearly fifty years I have witnessed all of the few ups and many downs of our famous football club but none have left me feeling more ashamed than the story behind the news this week that midfielder Joey Barton h
 Killing the death penalty by Asa Butcher
The death penalty has been a regular issue discussed among the Ovi team and there is never any harm in broaching the subject again, especially after this week's news that an innocent man spent 26 years in prison because an attorney could not b
 Aggression in China by Valerie Sartor
“The police said it was a good thing I slept through it,” my Irish friend Daragh in Beijing reported, “Otherwise the robbers might have killed me. It’s quite common in large Chinese cities, actually.”
 L&OCI Semi-Detached: Killer by Linda Lane
"Countries that do not control knowledge and information tend to do better because the average guy who is exposed to a lot of information can get ideas and profit from them." Tom Clancy
 Afzal and Advani by Tahir Khan
Over the last few years, a big debate has been ongoing in the Indian media concerning whether Afzal guru should be given the death sentence. The issue is that Indian intelligence have failed to bring any solid proof which shows Afzal Guru was invo
 Humanity on the lynch by Thanos Kalamidas
I’m not going to say anything more about the act itself. I have said enough over the last few days, including my first article for the new year, but just to reiterate once more: I’m angry. Really angry! During the
 Sofia's Letters from London #3 by Sofia Gkiousou
Antisocial behaviour is currently a big thing in Britain. So big in fact that in many towns Big Brother is not only watching you but He can also talk to you. George Orwell was more of a seer than we give him cred
 Vigorous education by Jan Sand
Although grammar and high schools and colleges and universities are seen as the core of education in society, many other very active social institutions are essentially educative. The obvious ones deal with advertising, newsgathering and expositio
 Doubtful instruments by Jan Sand
When God gave Adam a penis, Adam surely was delighted to have a built-in squirt gun and when Eve came along there must have been some consternation about her lack of directional control. Adam probably wondered as to whether that original rib was s
 Asking for a lynch by Thanos Kalamidas
For the last few weeks I’ve been watching really carefully the news and the online reactions, blogs and forums, regarding the kidnapping of the Austrian teenager, Natascha Kampusch, now 18. After reading her interview fo
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