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 The Catcher in the money field by Thanos Kalamidas
In the times where Warhol’s prophecy of everybody will be famous for ten minutes has come true, the times when there is a reality show with the nightmarish Orwellian name “Big Brother”, where even the people who came up with the
 Pirate copies ahoy! by Asa Butcher
"How on earth are you able to watch that?" exclaimed Dad as he walked into the lounge. The year was 1989 and the 'that' to which he was referring was a second or third generation VHS pirate copy of Tim Burton's Batman
 Economic Yin & Yang by Valerie Sartor
In August 2007 Chinese news reported that the Beijing Chidong Culture and Media Company began a lawsuit against a Japanese TV station. Apparently SKYperfecTV on Channel 785 broadcast their Japanese production of the Chinese TV series Ku Cai Hu
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 WIPO Conference Roundup by Sofia Gkiousou
World Intellectual Property Organisation – International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries Monday & Tuesday 29t
 IP & Economic Issues in the Film Industries of India and Egypt by Sofia Gkiousou
In India and Egypt, before you join the broadband utopia you have to be able to pay the rent. If you have anything left over then you may be able to afford a PC. If there is a network then you may become a part of the Internet society. It’s
 International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries by Sofia Gkiousou
This Monday and Tuesday (October 29 and 30) I will be at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference in Geneva on
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