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 Chesterton's Reflections on Modernity and ChristmasChesterton's Reflections on Modernity and Christmas by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s views on the continuing dehumanization of man, idealistic movements, social sciences, totalitarian fanatical ideologies, and the intel
 Christmas Gift Guide by Patrick McWade
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 Chesterton on "A Christmas Carol" and the True Meaning of Christmas by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
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 Black Friday by Jack Wellman
I had always thought of Black Friday as the busiest shopping day of the year. In fact, the busiest shopping day is now reserved for the Saturday before or the day before Christmas, depending on when Christmas falls on the calendar. However, in thi
 Christmas Party & Quiz by Asa Butcher
Are you in Helsinki tonight? Do you want to come and have some fun and maybe win some great prizes? Then join us at the IESAF Christmas Party & Quiz in Molly Malone's!
 Silent Night by Jack Wellman
Flare after flare was followed by a thundering hail of machine guns. Rapid strobes of light pierced the darkness, each light a deadly shot. Noise, confusion, and an incessant roar of mortars, make this grim scene seem hell on earth. In Europe
 An Ovi Christmas Card by The Ovi Team
Ovi magazine takes a deep breath and wishes everybody one of the following: Boas Festas! Buon Natale! Buorit Juovllat! Chestita Koleda! Craciun fericit si un An Nou fericit! Feliz Navidad! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Glædel
 Jingle Bells, Batman Smells... by Asa Butcher
Does anybody know who first coined the alternative playground lyrics to James Lord Pierpont's classic Christmas song? How many of you have sung 'Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg; The Batmobile lost
 The Season of Giving by Jack Wellman
For the world in general, the Christmas season or Holiday season, is the most giving time of the year. For corporations, it is no doubt the same thing. Tax write offs, as a way of reducing a company’s tax, is more
 Mistletoe, Mythology and Medicine by Stuart Muscroft
Kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition shrouded in myth as is mistletoe’s medicinal heritage. I spent some time looking at numerous web pages and have found there are Norse myths handed down orally and Greek myth
 A black & white Christmas by Asa Butcher
Okay, I apologise for the rather uninspired title, but your response may thaw a little after I explain my reasoning for the choice - or, on the other hand, you may hate it even more and not make it to the second paragraph of this review, in which
 Jesus: A Historical Fact by Jack Wellman
Jesus Christ is a fact of history. All secular historians who have any merit admit that, regardless of what they believe about Him, Jesus lived! They can not explain Him away. There are countless authors and Historians, thousands of manuscripts, m
 Christmas (The God in the Cave) - G.K. Chesterton by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
"The place that the shepherds found was not an academy or an abstract republic; it was not a place of myths . . . explained or explained away. It was a place of dreams come true."Traditions in art and literature a
 "T'was the Flight before Christmas" by Jan Sand
I ride the wind at Christmas timeAcross a black and wintry seaStrapped to a chairHigh in the airDeep in the dark, no Moon to see.Before I am allowed this tripOfficialdom X ra
 It's a Christmas Party! by Richard Berman
Do you have plans tonight? Can you get to Helsinki? If the answers are both yes, then run a comb through your hair, throw on your favourite outfit and slip into your winter party shoes and join in tonight's Chris
 What does Christmas really mean anyway? by Judy Eichstedt
I have often wondered what the true meaning of Christmas is. I understand that to Christians all over the world it’s meaning is clear. It’s the birth of Christ. The meaning seems very simple and clear; we celebrate December twenty-fift
 History of Christmas Past by Jack Wellman
Christmas is the most widely celebrated holiday among the nations. There are as many different traditions as there are nations that observe it. For example the poinsettias were embraced by America when their Mexican representative, Joel R. Poinset
 iBite by Asa Butcher
Eating a meal rich in compounds called flavonoids reduces some early signs of heart disease, research shows. An Institute of Food Research team focused on one of the compounds, quercetin, which is found in tea, onions, a
 Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #15 by Rob Jenkinson
Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls – It’s my great and intense pleasure to announce to you that Christmas is back in America!That’s right, the war against Christmas is over, but just like Iraq, there’s an
 The Best Christmas by Thanos Kalamidas
Which was the best Christmas ever? The ones yet to come! I’m not joking, I have had some fantastic Christmas times in different countries with a variety of people, I have had Christmases full of partying and I have had warm family Christmase
 Merry Christmas everybody! by The Ovi Team
Before writing this wish and before deciding what we are going to do with our cover pages for the last week before Christmas, I have to admit that Asa and I often thought about our multicultural society and misunders
 Finns debate Santa's home by Amin George Forji
As the world awaits the purported birthday of Christ on December 25th, globally known as Christmas, one figure, like previous years, appears to dominate the scene -Santa Claus, commonly referred to as Father Christmas, who is believed to bring
 My first Finnish Christmas by Asa Butcher
Six years ago I celebrated my first Christmas in Finland with my future wife and her family. It was the first time that I had been away from my family at Christmas, so the emotions were running high and also the nerves because I really didn’
 When was Jesus born? by Louie Parsons
The calendar that we use today is based on the one that Julius Caesar decreed on January 1, 45 B.C. that starts from the founding of Rome in the 1st century B.C. In the sixth century, Dio nysius Exiguus, a monk, proposed that the Christian era be
 The Ovi Cookbook #2 by Thanos Kalamidas
I am sure you are already drooling on your keyboard at the mere thought of one of these delicious Christmas cookies or you are still wiping the crumbs from your lips after my last recipe, either way prepare yourself for a simple recipe that eve
 Jingle flakes by Citronella
We're getting close to that time of the year again, which means the big question is if we're going to have a White Christmas - after all, artificial snow can't do the magic. And it is not without good reason. Have you ever
 The Ovi Cookbook by Thanos Kalamidas
How can you have Christmas without Christmas cookies? Here is the first recipe for Greek Christmas cookies and we also want you to send us your traditional Christmas recipes! MelomakaronaHoney …sho
 'Tis the season by Jan Sand
Three hundred and fifty thousand years ago the Neanderthals who might have moved into Europe from Africa probably were going through a tough time. They began to experience the cold winters that we are all familiar with. It is evident that they sur
 A Christmas carol by Thanos Kalamidas
Getting closer to Christmas I cannot avoid remembering something that happened to me a couple of years ago. A woman and a little boy were walking in front of me, they were a mother and son from Somalia and they appeared to be in high spirits, laug
 Santa's classic toy sack by Asa Butcher
Last weekend we had a premature Christmas Day with my wife’s parents and this also meant that my seventeen-month-old daughter opened a few of her presents a couple of weeks early. Aside from the usual selection of clothes and baby equipment,
 Lights! Action! Christmas! by Asa Butcher
Do you remember the first festive film you ever watched? How old were you? Will you be enjoying it again this year? I was about seven when the animated feature Yogi's First Christmas was broadcast on British television and it has s
 Science of Santa Claus by Louie Parsons
Don’t believe in Santa Claus? If you’re skeptical of Santa’s abilities to deliver presents to millions of homes and children in just one night, North Carolina State University’s Dr. Larry Silverberg, professor o
 Ebenezers by Thanos Kalamidas
It is amazing how well Charles Dickens knew humanity because there is an Ebenezer Scrooge inside all of us, not necessary the very same one with his deep pockets and short arms, but there are different types of Ebene
 Off the list by Asa Butcher
“They sent us one last year, so we should send them one…not one from the expensive pile; give them one of the charity cards…don’t use the silver pen, use the biro…use a second-class stamp…next!” Does any o
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