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You search by tag - child-abuse

 Stop Child Labour by Thanos Kalamidas
Living in the 21st century and wondering if two foreign languages, piano lessons and ballet is enough for your little daughter – if it is too much or if you could add something more just to make sure that she will have the best supplies for
 Child Labour in ...pictures by Thanos Kalamidas
 Red Hand Day by Thanos Kalamidas
Once more it is up to me to write about Red Hand Day and remind you about the invisible kids behind the khaki and camouflage uniforms, the guns in hands and the blood in their souls and minds. I suppose during my adventures, having met a few of
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 Every day is Children's Day... by Asa Butcher
Often as a child I would approach one of my parents and ask, "There's a Father's Day and Mother's Day, so why isn't there a Children's Day?" The stock reply would always, without fail, be "Every day is Childre
 Let My Children Go: World Efforts to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour by Rene Wadlow
June 12 is a red letter day on the UN agenda of events as the World Day Against Child Labour. It marks the June arrival in 1998 of hundreds of children in Geneva, part of the Global March against Child Labour that had crossed 100 countries to pre
 Don't let it be by Thanos Kalamidas
Kids live their darkest times, not that they ever lived any better times since they have been the victims all through human history, but what they have to deal with today in the beginning of the 21st century with all this social and scientific adv
 Behind The Iron Doors of Hell by The Ovi Team
Browsing through the beautiful memories of her Eastern European childhood and, later, the hardship of her life during the Balkan conflicts and as a non-EU immigran
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