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 Keep On Running by Tony Butcher
I finished my first 10km back in February and felt great that I had beaten my target of 60 minutes. It's not the fastest time the world has ever seen, especially as the winner was closer to 30 minutes but it was the furthest I had ever run in
 Globalization and the Role of NGOs by Saberi Roy
NGOs or non-governmental organizations are characterized by their focus on long term goals addressing social issues that have direct impact on greater public benefits. NGOs are typically non profit organizations as well and tend to move beyond the
 These boots are made for walkin'! by Leah Sellers
One can’t help but give credence to the tall leather boots and jangling spurs of T. Boone Pickens: Texas Sage and Father. We need your Guiding Spirit and Energy. Your Wisdom and Forward Attitude. What a History to confound everyone with, Sir
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 The Cradle Project by Alexandra Pereira
The Cradle Project seeks to fill an abandoned warehouse (former train station) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with one thousand cradles and cribs made by artists from around the world, in June 2008.
 Cycling 500km for charity: Pt 2 by Asa Butcher
Here is a personal message from Lizzie Woodall and, don't forget, just because she reached her total doesn't mean you still can't donate a few pennies.* * * * * * * * *Hi!
 Free Rice by Asa Butcher
Earlier this week I saw a 'Free Rice' headline on the BBC website and my immediate response was how the hell did somebody manage to kidnap the United States' Secretary of State? A few moments later I realis
 Finland's 1st Red Nose Day by Asa Butcher
Almost twenty years ago I remember wearing a red nose to school and participating in the first ever Comic Relief, which has now become widely known as Red Nose Day. I was ten years old and quite happy to walk around
 Red Nose Day in Finland by Finnish-British Society
This year’s annual Ylen Hyvä (Yle Helps) campaign will introduce Red Nose Day into Finland. On Red Nose Day, everybody is invited to join in and help children in developing countries. Peo
 Six Degrees by Asa Butcher
Do you believe that everybody on this planet knows one another through only six people? For example, my uncle's workmate's friend's mother's college friend's mate personally knows George W. Bush o
 The world's humanitarian organization by The Ovi Team
Ovi magazine has a history of promoting organisations that deserve further recognition and encouragement, which is why today we are highlighting our support for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresc
 Skydive for cancer: The aftermathSkydive for cancer: The aftermath by Tony Butcher
Last weekend I had the experience of a lifetime. So many people that I spoke to in the lead up to my Skydive said it was something they would never do - do not be so quick to rule it out too.
 Skydive for cancer by Tony Butcher
Standing at the edge of an aeroplane’s door, looking down 10,000ft (3048m) at terra firma whipping past is probably a good time to start reflecting on life. Fortunately, I will have a parachute attached to my b
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