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 Wheels on the bike go round and round 24: Non-Quality Inn by Mike Jennett
We are now almost half way across the United States. Each day blends into the previous and most are little more than a pedal slog to reach the next town.Yes, there are odd restaurants that stand out, nights to be remembered
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 23: Door Dilemma by Mike Jennett
It’s only been 2 weeks but every hotel blurs into one.Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Super 8, a Comfort Inn or a Holiday Inn - they’re all clones. The town is of no importance. The day does not matter.
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 22: Flat Tires by Mike Jennett
Tracy proclaimed that four minutes is all it takes to deal with a flat tire.That minimalist period probably assumes all tools are ready to hand, that the unfortunate flatee replaces the tube instead of patching it and uses a CO2 inj
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 Wheels on the bike go round and round 21: Taking It Easy by Mike Jennett
Today, we crossed the Rio Grande.Not with John Wayne and the Tenth Cavalry, not as cause-bound freedom fighters and without wagons, guns or canon. We had bicycles in place of horses and we crossed the big river to reach the town of
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 20: Grants by Mike Jennett
Don’t come to Grants unless your evening plans comprise wandering Walmart, or ritual suicide.For all I know, there could be a vibrant eclectic scene downtown but, on the outskirts, this town lacks a certain joie de vi
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 19: Daily Routine by Mike Jennett
Touring is tough. It’s only fun if you’re Tracy and you get to drive the luggage truck. For us, it’s a slog and any light-hearted parts have to be underlined and highlighted in bold.Routine; that’s w
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 18: Climbing to Nirvana by Mike Jennett
From Wickinburg to Flagstaff, the scrub desert changed into an endless 3-day climb through lush vegetation and sheer rock faces, standing on the pedals and wishing for a smaller granny gear.It is impossible to judge the amo
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 17: The Mojave Desert by Mike Jennett
The Mojave, when it came, wasn’t the promised horror.Hot it was, but the temperature didn’t exceed a moderate 105 Fahrenheit and only two people needed hospital IV re-hydration. Overall, a fairly innocuous day of cycling
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 10: Frame Pump by Mike Jennett
I’m in Palm Springs. The ride begins in a few days and I still need a frame pump.I really only want the small rubber insert that fits in the end of my existing Blackburn pump but seven bike shops in a row haven't
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 9: Hiking by Mike Jennett
Palm Springs: Went there. Hiked. Left.Ditto Joshua Tree: Hiking is like smoking; no good, second-hand.You have to be the one doing it to give a damn about how hard the day is, or how spectacular the
 Wheels on the bike go round and round 8: English Grille by Mike Jennett
Obviously, my mind is not what it was, for I must have forgotten pertinent facts about the décor of drinking establishments in my homeland. Lyon’s English Grille, however, reminded me of all of them.Stained glass
 Wheels on the bike go round and round: Introduction by Mike Jennett
I’m going to ride my bicycle across America, from Los Angeles to Boston. Again. You might ask why. You’d not be alone if you did. Why would I want to pedal more than 3,400 miles in all winds
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