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 Urban FATAL ERROR Projects by Selin Yildiz
The death of a overdose man who constitute a bad example to society
 Interview with Ruben Reddy by Fiona Zerbst
Ruben Reddy's passion for designing sports facilities was probably influenced by his immersion in sport, as both a competitor and a spectator. The Durban-based architect played cricket competitively for 20
 Ryoji Ikeda: spectra [amsterdam] by The Ovi Team
Spectra [amsterdam] is artist and composer Ryoji Ikeda's commission for DREAM AMSTERDAM 2008; his first project for a public space and his first large-scale work pushing the creative possibilities o
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 Manufactured Landscape - Landscape as Architecture by Luis Alves
Who are the users of an industrial structure like a factory, a mine, a quarry or an industrial village? Obviously they are the workers. In fact, who defines the requirements of those structures are the investors
 Function and Aesthetics by Luis Alves
"Function"The functional requirements of buildings and other physical structures are defined by the requisites that the users make for the realizati
 Ideas Worth Spreading by Linda Lane
I am sure there are other ways to transmit this information to you, but here goes.As long as I have been in the UW Master of Science in Information Management program I have been thinking about Information Architecture as an a
 Shapes by Lewis Martin
I might be stating the obvious to say that shapes are important in buildings, and Architects are always searching for new forms. Luckily for us Architects we are discovering new shapes all the time, in fact two Hungarian researchers recently di
 Walking around HelsinkiWalking around Helsinki by Carlos Eyl
Buildings have always had a special appeal to me, quite notorious when I photograph them more than my own family and friends. Last summer, as the Nordic weather did not inspire many outdoor activities and my thesis research drowned me into textboo
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