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 A Chavez with persecution mania by Thanos Kalamidas
Perhaps it is just me but I always had my doubts with the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he was somehow too good to be true and the same time to crazy to trust. He has the theory alright, I mean the man definitely wants to be remembered as the new Cast
 A Chavez labyrinth with a little EU by Thanos Kalamidas
So this is it, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wants to develop a civilian nuclear power and he asked for Russia’s help, and naturally Russia was more than keen to provide the help. So, the games started again and the Russian bear is re
 Chavez: The next American Idol by Thanos Kalamidas
When everybody was talking about Venezuela’s Che I was a bit sceptical! When everybody was talking about the Venezuelan economic miracle I was wondering and when the Spanish king told Chavez to shut up I was relieved. No
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 Please ...shut up! by Thanos Kalamidas
In the end it took a …king to say exactly what I have wanted to say for long a long time now. Let me make this a bit clearer: an Iberia-American summit took place last week in Santiago, Chile, and the often-interrupting Venezuelan leader Hug
 Chavez and full nationalization by Amin George Forji
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has, prior to his official swearing in ceremony for a third presidential term, announced moves which, if validated by the country's congress, would transform the country into a full socialist state.
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