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 Finnish serpent's egg by Thanos Kalamidas
 Sacrificing Finnish democracy by Thanos Kalamidas
In one of the most dramatic moments of the Greek epos “Iliad”, king Agamemnon sacrifices h
 How Finns will wake up on the 20th of April by Thanos Kalamidas
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 Hostages to our guilt by Thanos Kalamidas
 Which part of the Finnish republic Halla-aho represents? by Thanos Kalamidas
My father was a real representative of his generation in Europe after the WWII. A man with conservative ideology but very democratic sense. And in this democratic sense rooted his repulsion to anything dictatorial and he had personal experience
 When Timo changed his name into Andy! by Thanos Kalamidas
Dear friends when I woke up this morning I decided that my name doesn’t add to my uniqueness and exceptional personality so I decided to change it into …David! I know you find hard to believe it but since I change my name I became y
 While Tarja Halonen debates, immigrants deal with the problems by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish President, Tarja Halonen in an interview talked extensively about the events in Norway and about xenophobia and racism in Finland. In this interview among others and pointing that herself she has a lot of friends who have immigrate to
 When the true Finns lost their false identity by Thanos Kalamidas
Finland is still trying to understand what happened and most of the political parties look numb. The good news is that all of them try to find answers and the blue print to start negotiations in a reassuring climate. But the damage has happened an
 Finland in Dark Ages by Thanos Kalamidas
This morning we woke up living in the less corrupted country in the world, the country with the best security and the best education system and tonight we are going to sleep with the shadow of the True Finns haunting our dreams.
 Vote Real Finns NOT True Finns by Thanos Kalamidas
The Finnish women were the first in the world with the right to elect and be elected and that over a century ago at 1906. Just think that the rest of the western world followed as late as 1950s and 1960s. Finland prides to hold the top position in
 When true Finns need a bailout from their xenophobia by Thanos Kalamidas
With the parliamentary elections getting closer the extreme right xenophobic Finnish party, the True Finns does exactly what similar parties have done for decades all around the world; disorientates the public with populisms over a subject the peo
 The serpent's egg of the Finnish politics by Thanos Kalamidas
Finland has visited all European Union’s institutions, including the EU leaders’ summits, lately carrying a very heavy and awkwardly slimy package and this time was no exception. Mari Kiviniemi arrived in Brussels in a meeting in front
 EU: the dysfunctional family by Thanos Kalamidas
June started in a really tense way, with the media and politicians everywhere screaming that the euro-skeptics are increasing; the xenophobic groups are gaining more power; and the most extreme parties in Europe are going to be strong in the EU Pa
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