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 What's Wrong With That?! by Leah Sellers
A Texas Congressman, Lamar Smith, is wanting to pass a bill creating a national Media Fairness Caucus. He, and some of his (so-called) Conservative cronies have had it with the Free-wheelin’ American Free Press. They want a Group of Chosen F
 The Singing Protest-ant Missionary-To-Be by Leah Sellers
Somewhere in the United States of America, in the vast state of Texas there is a Southern White Girl, who was born into a White Collar Household and raised within a White Protest-ant tradition, inside a White Ivory Tower.Fr
 Why the Angry Procession Toward Succession? by Leah Sellers
Should Texas (or any other American State, for that matter) secede from the Union of the United States?Why ask this question?During the Texas Tax Tea Parties this past April 15th, 2009, this question actually raise
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 Random Probable Cause by Leah Sellers
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