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 Computing-Tabulating-Recording CoComputing-Tabulating-Recording Co by The Ovi Team
June 15th 1911; the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. was incorporated in the state of New York. The company was later renamed International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. In 1911, financier Charles R. Flint directed the merger of the Internati
 Univac IUnivac I by The Ovi Team
June 14th 1951; Univac I was unveiled. It was a computer designed for the U.S. Census Bureau and billed as the world\'s first commercial computer. UNIVAC was, effectively, an updated version of ENIAC. Data could be input using magnetic computer
 ThinkingThinking by Jan Sand
Let’s say a guy gives you three boxes. In one box, there are about a thousand small balls - some are about a millimeter larger than one centimeter in diameter and some are about a millimeter or two smaller in dia
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 The Sony Walkman: Music on the move by Asa Butcher
Are you ready for a dose of nostalgia that might eat your cassettes? Cassettes, for those readers raised during the age of iPod, were one of the methods us older folk used to listen to music and thanks to an innovation launched by Sony thirty year
 For the Moment: The Sony Walkman is 30 years-old! by Patrick McWade
Patrick McWade shares his cartoon for the 30th anniversary of the release of the Sony Walkman. For more For the Moment
 Space is the Final Frontier, or maybe Simplicity is the Final Frontier by Linda Lane
Hi Dad,One day at our favorite little coffee s
 Ovi apologises by The Ovi Team
Ovi apologises for the delay in publishing today's content and regrets any emotional distress this may have caused any of our readers. The circumstances were beyond even our omnipotent control as both the Ovi editors fell vi
 Controlling IT Costs by Linda Lane
To control Information Technology (IT) costs we think about and act within the enterprise as a whole, in part because we sell enterprise and mid-level solutions. We apply an Enterprise Architecture (EA) s
 Beijing Bedouins by Valerie Sartor
Modern technological gadgets: young people love them and older people are trying to get used to them. For my grandmother cars represented the height in mobility; for me watching television and later riding in a Bo
 War and peace in the virtual worldWar and peace in the virtual world by Joseph Gatt
I first had a computer with internet connection in 1995. At that time there was no Messenger, no Wikipedia, resources were very scarce, and only famous international organizations had websites. Chatting was also becoming popular, but internet c
 What are all those inventions for?What are all those inventions for? by Joseph Gatt
Everyday, several inventions are made that promise to put an end to many of the world’s problems. However, they all go through a process of being slowly commercialized if commercialized or used at all.I stood with ama
 Design and Change in Highly Secure Corporate Settings: A brief reflection by Linda Lane
The question posed was how do you design and develop in highly secure corporate settings, are there standards? What do you do when the corporate environment makes it too difficult to mee
 The Tools of Last Resort by Jan Sand
Life can get very tough indeed. No matter the huge advances in understanding the universe in general and untangling our own individual problems of obtaining even the minimum sustenance for staying alive and healthy, natural and social forces can
 Security for Secure Sites, HIPAA (US) by Linda Lane
Experience in HIPAA compliance with Web applications The most basic risk factor in secure software applications is cost, and the s
 Perpetual Libraries by Jan Sand
One of the major tragedies frequently bewailed by historians is the destruction of the library at Alexandria which contained many ancient scrolls and much valuable information ranging from works by ancient Greek p
 Damned computers by Mike Jennett
One day Bill Gates and his partners in this miserable existence we call the computer age will be called to task. No heaven for them. They off down below, to the place of everlasting warmth – and I don’t mean Florida.
 A diluted greed and eco-terrorism by Thanos Kalamidas
In a link to the media, the Federation of Finnish Technologies Industries expressed their ‘uncertainty created by the energy and climate change package published by the European Commission that threatens to freeze investment in Finland
 Kicking a Dead Horse by Jan Sand
There is a very old story of a canny farmer whose life style was to wring every last cent out of all of his operations. He cut down on his own food and maintenance to the bare bone and, for a while, made extreme experiments on his horse to cut dow
 Sucking Spaghetti by Jan Sand
Recently, somewhere on the net, there has been a hectic discussion of the physical impossibility of anyone sucking spaghetti. It is easily accepted that sucking liquid through a straw is explained by the atmosphere pushing on the surface of the
 Facing In and Facing Out by Jan Sand
A good many animals have tails and I consider it a personal tragedy that I am missing one. A well-articulated prehensile tail could be a very useful addition to my physiology. While I'm typing at my word processor I would very much appreciate
 How honest are you? by Clint Wayne
According to a recent survey carried out by the popular drinks brand WKD, men admitted to telling an average of five fibs a day, whereas women only admitted to telling an impressive three fibs a day. But is that the truth?Vote
 Ideas Worth Spreading by Linda Lane
I am sure there are other ways to transmit this information to you, but here goes.As long as I have been in the UW Master of Science in Information Management program I have been thinking about Information Architecture as an a
 Houyhnhnms.Tv Experiments with the Future TV by Joan Jimenez
“Inspire the world! It can be changed!! ” By this way, Houyhnhnms.tv presents itself as a TV-format creators’ community where its own members supply the contents and determine the TV listings and th
 WIPO Conference Roundup by Sofia Gkiousou
World Intellectual Property Organisation – International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries Monday & Tuesday 29t
 IP & Creative Commons by Sofia Gkiousou
There are more updates coming but for the benefit of my Creative Commons supporter friends in Greece here is a question I just posed in the WIPO International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries. I asked if the panel thinks t
 PC Paranoia by Mike Jennett
Forgive me if I sound biased or even a tad paranoid, but I’m convinced that computers are out to get me. Just me. Not a single 24-hour period goes by
 The DVD Drive by Mike Jennett
My DVD drive is one of those do-everything-all-singing-all-dancing gizmos displaying a multitude of acronyms, all followed by pluses and minuses and R’s and W’s, which shows how many types of wonderful new tech
 Static versus Dynamic by Jan Sand
Both birds and airplanes fly, both automobiles and horses move with speed across the ground. But there are essential differences. No one has ever seen an airliner try to perch in a tree without dire consequences and no one would dispute that there
 I Spy Q by Asa Butcher
Quills are those feathery writing devices used in ye olden days when Thanos went to school and dinosaurs roamed the earth, but thanks to progress we are no longer plucking feathers from the butts of large birds to write our shopping lists. It is a
 Wireless by Jan Sand
In the latter part of the 1930s, Astounding Science Fiction Magazine acquired a new editor, John W. Campbell, whose outstanding accomplishment was to put together a team of contributing writers that created a golden age of science fiction
 GPM vs. SPM by Jan Sand
The GPM, or general-purpose machine, is a machine that ideally can do anything anywhere, anytime under any conditions. The SPM, or special-purpose machine, is designed to function for a single or limited purpose and
 Mobiles and salsa moves by Carlos Eyl
It all started two months ago when my current mobile phone suddenly couldn’t totally charge its battery. In today’s world, it’s just not acceptable for anyone not to be available 24-7, especially in
 KodakKodak by Emma Farley
Our parents caught our firsts In flickering images, that
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