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 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
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 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish reportSpanish report by Euro Reporter
DNA Tests for Illegal Immigrant ChildrenSpain plans to take DNA samples from illegal immigrant children arriving in the country's North African enclave of Melilla to make sure the adults accompa
 Spanish reportSpanish report by Euro Reporter
Spain ready for bailout but Germany hesitates Spain is ready to request a euro zone bailout for its public finances as early as next weekend but Germany has signalled that it should hold off, Europe
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
Spanish leader gives up no-bank bailout mantraSpain's Prime Minister appeared Thursday to have abandoned his insistence that the country's troubled banking sector will not need an external b
 Spanish report by Euro Reporter
Spain meets bond auction target as French borrowing costs fallSpanish bonds gained after the Treasury met its target at a debt sale, while French costs declined at an auction, easing concern that th
 Spanish Report by Euro Reporter
Madrid fetes Spain’s World Cup winnersSpain’s triumphant World Cup football team returned home to a heroes’ welcome in Madrid on Monday, amid optimistic predictions that their victory over the Netherlands wou
 Basque guilt by Thanos Kalamidas
Today I might provoke some people a bit, but hopefully I won’t insult any. But a bomb blast in the heart of Madrid last week makes me wonder what separatist and sometimes nationalist separatist groups are doing in Europe nowadays? I mean, le
 Reflections On the Topic of Slavery - Part 3 by Alexandra Pereira
We know that modern slavery continues around the world, through the exploitation of workers and their lives, sometimes even in the most “civilized” countries. There are a number of ways in which people can be trapped and used in benefi
 The Portuguese and Spanish Slave Trade - Part 2 by Alexandra Pereira
 The Portuguese and Spanish Slave Trade - Part 1 by Ana & Alexandra Pereira
IntroductionSlavery is a social-economic system under which a person (the “slave”) is deprived of freedom and compelled to work
 The truth about nationalisms in Spain by Newropeans-Magazine
The definition of nationalism is as follows The term 'nationalism' can refer to an ideology, a
 The cleric satellite by Thanos Kalamidas
Please don’t tell me that anybody was surprised out there with the news that the dictators of Iran became space clerics nowadays and please don’t expect me to believe that it was a satellite to help them in better communication with Al
 3,000 Portuguese enslaved in Spain and the Basque Country by Alexandra Pereira
Spanish authorities estimate that the organized group that was recently dismantled in a combined operation of the Portuguese and Spanish polices must have enslaved 3,000 Portuguese in the areas of La Rioja, Navarra,
 Finlandia si­, pero con respeto mejor by Antonio Diaz
Tras los terribles hechos sucedidos en el instituto de Tuusula, mi primera reacción, como supongo que sucedió con la mayoría, fue de rabia e impotencia. Quería escribir algo lleno de furia ante lo que difícilmente puede se
 Please ...shut up! by Thanos Kalamidas
In the end it took a …king to say exactly what I have wanted to say for long a long time now. Let me make this a bit clearer: an Iberia-American summit took place last week in Santiago, Chile, and the often-interrupting Venezuelan leader Hug
 Newropeans / La lucha contra la inmigracion ilegal by Newropeans-Magazine
Si existe la obligación de ofrecer protección internacional para refugiados, de igual modo, no existe ningún derecho fundamental de inmigración establecido en convenciones internacionales. Esta afirmación no implica jui
 It's hard to say sorry by Thanos Kalamidas
The Romans used to say that is not enough for the Caesar to be honest, but the wife of the Caesar must also be honest. I remembered that while reading the news that Spain has issued an international warrant for three US soldiers accused of causing
 Paco, el camarero by Antonio Diaz
Recuerdo los años de Instituto como algunos de los más felices de mi vida. Una época que yo tacharía de bastante inocente por mi parte, aunque ya no fuera tan niño y el vello púbico no solo asomara ya, sino que se hab
 Start of the Spanish Civil war by Thanos Kalamidas
The best way to sense what happened during the Spanish Civil War is to read Ernest Hemingway’s novel, For whom the bell tolls. In the book, an American ideologist and expert in explosives finds his way t
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