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 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its AbolitionInternational Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition by The Ovi Team
“Oh the horrors of slavery! - How the thought of it pains my heart! But the truth ought to be told of it; and what my eyes have seen I think it is my duty to relate; for few people in England know what slavery is. I have been a slave - I
 Healing work in a healing biotope by The Ovi Team
An interview with Dr. Amelie WeimarDr. Amelie Weimar received her M.D. degree from Freie Universität Berlin in 1991, and since 1995 she has been responsible for the medical needs of 200 people living in the community o
 My End of the Journey with a Homeless Man by Jack Wellman
If you have not read my first part of this story, you must because this conclusion will make more sense for you. You see, going door to door doing Outreach for our church I often found what people say do not exist i
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 Donating Blood For Your Own Good by Jack Wellman
There are more reasons for donating blood than just getting a good feeling. Not only does it help cancer patients with blood transfusions for their battle with leukemia, it also lowers the risk of many common health problems and chronic conditions
 Fireproof your marriage by Jack Wellman
I recently saw the movie Fireproof, staring Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea. [1] This G-rated movie is more than a great movie for a date night. It is a movie that may help fireproof your marriage and is based upon the best-selling author and marr
 The Eye of the Storm by Leah Sellers
Though you find yourSelf assaulted by the powerful gales of the Storm. A Storm energized by people’s Fears, Doubts, Concerns, and opposing Agendas - Seek the Eye of the Storm.Within the Eye you will find the Inner Calm.
 Because the abuse is not only physical by Thanos Kalamidas
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women! Writing it I felt that it sounds so pompous! I mean we all are so pompous, full of fancy words and declarations with organizations governmental and nongovernmental, institutes and fo
 The Blaming Finger! by Leah Sellers
The Blaming Finger is swinging wildly around the four corners of the United States of America these days. Yes, that Accusatory, Wagging, Bony Finger - shakes it self in front of Every American’s Face with vim and vigor - indignation and ranc
 You are #1 ... by Linda Lane
 Livre ou vision? Une vieille querelle by Dimitra Karantzeni
Les vacances sont malheureusement terminées pour presque tous les gens mondialement et la rentrée a la quotidiennité qui nous presse et nous ettouffe très souvent, est parfois plus difficile que nous pourrions imaginer…
 This is Finland by Thanos Kalamidas
The last few hours I’m sitting in front my computer looking at a white document page and thinking what should I write. The last few hours, friends from abroad have called me asking if I know anything about the events in Kauhajoki as most of
 The Moment of Conception by Leah Sellers
We will march Our Children off to fight Wars on foreign soil for lofty Ideals of Freedom and Liberty with patriotic zeal, while silently condoning the deadly and destructive bombing of a Pro-Choice Clinic. We refuse to Bl
 The OPEC Jitters and the Fear Monger Boogie by Leah Sellers
Toot-a-toot! Hear the Brass and the driving Beat of the Drum! The OPEC Cartel Oil Drums! Yeah, Man! We had All better Dance and Jive to Their Global Beat ‘n Tune. Know what I mean, Jellybean?! You don’t learn to slide’n flow with
 International Day of the World's (Indigenous) People by Jane Eagle
I was just thinking about this day, the 9th of August, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People and it just hit me… why don’t we dedicate a day for celebrating people, I mean all people, all kinds of people, of sexe
 Does the Internet make us more Intelligent but less Human? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
For more than a decade now we educated people of our global village have been spending a lot of time online, searching and surfing and sometimes adding to the great databases of the Internet. The Web has been a godsend to writers. Research that on
 Let's Talk About Guns! by Leah Sellers
Imagine, rootin’ tootin’ pistol packin’ mamas and papas strolling the neighborhoods with their children and squeaky baby carriages, shopping at grocery stores (complaining and grumbling ever louder and more stridently about the r
 We Are All Alone At The End Of The Day by Frances Zheng
Do you think having lots of friends around will make you feel not lonely any more? So, what do you call the moments of "emptiness" even when you are in a crowd such as a big party, or your mind will be drifting somewhere far away while s
 Our Global Societies' Philosopher's Stone by Leah Sellers
The Philosopher’s Stone. The mystical, magical, seemingly unattainable Philosopher’s Stone. Throughout the ages alchemists secretly mixed up and cooked up innumerable chemicals attempting to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Some a
 Something Foreseeable, This Way Comes by Leah Sellers
Repeating the same behavior with the expectation of getting different results, different outcomes, is supposed to be the definitive definition of Insanity. Socially, historically and psychologically War equals destructive and manipulative Chaos. T
 A state abused by Thanos Kalamidas
Following on from the case of the Austrian ‘father’ - if it is ever possible to call him a father - and the unveiling drama with the torture and abuse of the family, I found myself thinking about the small society/neighborhood I live i
 Hooligans & Youth (Greek) by Dimitra Karantzeni
«Βάνδαλα άτομα που βιαιοπραγούν στο όνομ
 The Tamera Peace Research Centre II by Alexandra Pereira
Tamera is no religious sect, Tamera is no science-fiction, Tamera is a Peace Village of the Future, and it is really happening… in the South of Portugal.
 Behind The Iron Doors of Hell by The Ovi Team
Browsing through the beautiful memories of her Eastern European childhood and, later, the hardship of her life during the Balkan conflicts and as a non-EU immigran
 The future: An answer to Eva's comment by Thanos Kalamidas
A few weeks ago in an article I wrote about Russia, my friend Eva commented what we really expect from Russia or even the USA for the future. Apparently Eva was right, most of us judging what Putin did or we are full of opinion about what Obama sh
 A Brax out of the Green by Thanos Kalamidas
I met her for the first time in a panel for civil engineers before the elections and she was representing the Finnish Green Party. I didn’t speak Finnish – I still don’t - so the only thing I could do was profile the people on th
  Chile - The health of the Nation by Newropeans-Magazine
Alvaro Vargas Llosa, in the quarterly newsletter of Washington's Independent Institute, recently joined (February 7) the increasing cynicism about Chile's success story with an article that started by saying: "Chile's economy is t
 Why again? by The Ovi Team
Nineteen wounded young boys and girls, ten wounded three killed, four killed, thirty killed! These are not reports from a battlefield, these are casualties of young people in schools, colleges and universities in our western world. Casualties of w
 Get famous or die tryingGet famous or die trying by Joseph Gatt
I am one of those who would like to die as late as possible, if at all. To some, if fame can’t be achieved during life, it should at least be achieved dying. With shootings in Missouri, Chicago and a Louisiana college this week, seeking f
 World Peace Model # 1: Oughtopian peace modelWorld Peace Model # 1: Oughtopian peace model by Joseph Gatt
\"Oughtopia\" is a term coined by Korean philosopher Choue Young Seek. It is a philosophy that leads to a society that ought to be realized, a society that is spiritually beautiful, materially affluent and humanly rewarding.
 Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #2: Ruiskumestari by Juliette Roques
Author’s introductionHow do you engage with a culture when you don’t speak the language? In Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki, the author describes different people as they try to make sense
 Religion and the Secular State by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
Abstract: Far from being a mere vestige of the past, religion continues to be, even in a post-modern world, an essential component of a culturally vibrant society. Moreover, the latest world-wide social research shows that religion and democrac
 End of innocence by Asa Butcher
Numb, simply numb, is the only word I can use to sum up the reaction of the citizens of Finland yesterday when they became the latest member of a growing list of countries who have undergone high school shootings. A layer of innocence was cruelly
  Jane of Thought: Hail for International Literacy Day by Jane Eagle
Hey there stranger, come on keeeeeep reading this article in all your glory ‘cause that’s what this day is about -your ability to read –furthermore: to write a comment, a shopping list, a will, a birthday
 The Working Poor by Judy Eichstedt
Yes, it is very true that the poor work and, I might say, that they work very hard. Many work two jobs and never see their family because they are busy trying to survive. A lot of children from parents who are poor are lef
 Generalities by Jan Sand
There are some statements that shoot themselves in the foot, such as: “This sentence is a lie.” If it is, it isn’t and if it isn’t, it is. Another is: “All generalities are false including this one.” However, a
 Abe's Japanese Dark Ages by Thanos Kalamidas
I read it and I couldn’t believe it. So I read it repeatedly to realize what it was saying. A minister from Japan dared – that’s the mildest word I can come with – to say that women are “birth-giving machines
 The great switch off by Asa Butcher
How many lightbulbs does it take to save the world? No joke here – it is a serious question that the Alliance for the Planet is asking its fellow citizens of the world. Today, February 1st, at 1855 GMT, French environmentalists are urging ev
 Conte: Life and his throne by Amin George Forji
It is often said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. In fact, President Lansana Conte of Guinea, who seized power in the former West African French colony in 1984 and has ruled his country with an iron fist ever since, is now w
 A few ladies and lots of tigers by Jan Sand
If you take a full bucket of water and poke a very small hole somewhere in the bottom, nobody will be surprised to see water leaking out of the hole. Nobody would assume that there is a marvelous intellect residing in water that is required to ass
 Ta very much! by Asa Butcher
"Thank you very much for the Sunday jointThank you very much, thank you very, very, very muchThank you very much for the Sunday joint and our cultural heritage, national beverage, being fat, Union jack, nursery rhyme, Sunday Times, na
 The delights of uncertainty by Jan Sand
A very uncomfortable proportion of humanity is unsure about when and where their next meal may appear. An equally large number, if not more, are concerned about even more fundamental circumstances of their survival and the well being of their l
 Dates From Hell: #2 (Rebecca, 1995) a.k.a. The Gnome by C.J. Michaels
The thing about blind dates is that you’re expected to be nervous and shy and maybe socially inept. If you weren’t at least some of that, you’d be out trawling the bars, hunting for whatever you could find who’s either drunk or unc
 Hanging loose or up tight by Jan Sand
This is not exactly in praise of the slob. Nor do I precisely feel the control freak has his head totally up his ass. But there is something to be said both in favor of and in condemnation of each in turn. There is a spectrum in this category o
 Skills by Jan Sand
The universe is replete with possibilities, both threatening and rewarding and anything alive has to carefully select which of those must be permitted to come to fruition or be relegated to oblivion. Aside from the basics like
 The disabled reality by Thanos Kalamidas
It is a really long time since I saw a film that I value a lot and was one of the first movies that I bought on VHS. It is a very dark film that often crosses the line of a dramatic biography to a nightmarish and oft
 CivilizedCivilized by Jan Sand
In my edition of Webster’s Encyclopaedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word “civil” has ten definitions. The majority deal with the relationship of a citizen to a formal state. Only two define the relationshi
 Social monstersSocial monsters by Jan Sand
Zeus and Loki, Allah and Jehovah, Mars and Venus, Lucifer and Pluto, Groucho Marx (devised by Julius Marx), Marilyn Monroe (invented by Norma Jean Baker), Mickey Mouse, James Dean, Elvis Presley, Plato, Aristotle, Ne
 Tolerance in respect by Thanos Kalamidas
Thirty thousand children die everyday on this planet from reasons that sound unbelievable. From lack of water to domestic violence, and still we have the tolerance to wait for somebody to do something. Hundreds of pe
 Down for the countDown for the count by Jan Sand
These fickle fingers are, in all probability, why I am comfortable with the idea that five plus five equals ten. If I, and the majority of other humans, were habitually shoeless, and we had reasonably good eyesight,
 CategoriesCategories by Jan Sand
Ambiguity can be puzzling, dangerous or funny. The actor Keenan Wynn's father was Ed Wynn, a comic with his own radio show. He came out of burlesque, which was where he had a routine in which he came out on stage
 Stuck by Jan Sand
That cup of coffee you had this morning. Could you have done without it? Perhaps, but that air you had been breathing all night and have been breathing since is somewhat less dispensable. And a good many other Earth
 Bank of the VillagesBank of the Villages by Ergo te Lina
"Women are very cautious with the use of the money, but the men were impatient; they wanted to enjoy it right away. They will entertain friends, they will go to the movies, they will do whatever they could to en
 Connected by Jan Sand
Some time ago, somebody suggested that China, which was noted for its disciplined population, didn’t really need an atomic bomb. It could demand that at a certain hour and a certain minute and a certain second
 Angry with God by Thanos Kalamidas
There is no way to understand what was going on in that man’s mind while he killed three girls of ages between three and six in cold blood and seriously wounded another six of the same age in an Amish community
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