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 The Eye of the Storm by Leah Sellers
Though you find yourSelf assaulted by the powerful gales of the Storm. A Storm energized by people’s Fears, Doubts, Concerns, and opposing Agendas - Seek the Eye of the Storm.Within the Eye you will find the Inner Calm.
 We Are All Alone At The End Of The Day by Frances Zheng
Do you think having lots of friends around will make you feel not lonely any more? So, what do you call the moments of "emptiness" even when you are in a crowd such as a big party, or your mind will be drifting somewhere far away while s
 The clash of civilizations on FacebookThe clash of civilizations on Facebook by Joseph Gatt
One of the most interesting features on Facebook, the internet’s most popular social networking website, is the ability to join social groups. Though Facebook administrators try to censor abusive comments, it sometimes has the features of
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 A friendly word by Asa Butcher
“We’re friends, right?” asks a good mate one evening over a beer. I take a sip of my lager, swallow and then slowly nod suspiciously. “We can be honest with one another, right?” I narrow my eyes and begin to prepare m
 The Neutral Universe by Jan Sand
In its early naïve condition, humanity depicted its environment based upon itself and its social order. Thunderstorms were expressions of anger, warm sunlight and gentle rain denoted love and care, earthquakes and tornadoes were punishments f
 Fly Me to the Moon: Part One by C.J. Michaels
She comes in when I’m at the jukebox. Must’ve been only moments behind and glided in without touching the floor, because I didn’t hear a thing. Not the tap of a stiletto, the patter of a road shoe or the rubbery squeak of a sneak
 Mobiles and salsa moves by Carlos Eyl
It all started two months ago when my current mobile phone suddenly couldn’t totally charge its battery. In today’s world, it’s just not acceptable for anyone not to be available 24-7, especially in
 Staying alive by Jan Sand
A chicken, according to biologists, is a method for an egg to create another egg. Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist, extended that thought to humans and DNA. But that imperative has a time frame for the individual. Living creatures all p
 Survivors by Jan Sand
The classic solution to creaky parents holding on to life by their fingernails, past the time of their useful strength and tolerable civil behavior, has been presented by Eskimo society that sets up an ice version of a rocking chair on a convenien
 A propos du discours de nicolas sarkozy sur l’avenir de l’europe by Europe & Us
Nicolas Sarkozy vient de prononcer, le 8 septembre à Bruxelles, un important discours sur l’avenir de l’Europe. Je me réjouis qu’un candidat de premier rang à l’élection pr
 Power and Purpose by Jan Sand
There is no one more dangerous, more vicious, more unrelenting and more ignorant about the uses and consequences of unchecked power than a sheep in wolf’s clothing. A wolf is well acquainted with its strength a
 Skydive for cancer by Tony Butcher
Standing at the edge of an aeroplane’s door, looking down 10,000ft (3048m) at terra firma whipping past is probably a good time to start reflecting on life. Fortunately, I will have a parachute attached to my b
 Tragedies, victories and defeats by Jan Sand
One would think that the universe was enough of an enemy to satisfy anyone. It has habits and capabilities to produce the tiniest most insignificant particles from nothingness and then promptly exile them back to w
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