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 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
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 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
 Slovenian reporterSlovenian reporter by Euro Reporter
Slovenia's largest fuel retailer Petrol said its estimated group net profit in the first nine months had risen by 16 percent to 41.9 million Euros despite tough economic conditions in its main markets, Slovenia and Croatia.
 Slovenian reportSlovenian report by Euro Reporter
Slovenia bans hot air balloon flights after fatal crashSlovenia's authorities have temporarily banned all hot air balloon flights following a crash that killed four people and injured 28. The co
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
Slovenia postpones vote on fiscal limit, bank aid fundSlovenia postponed a vote on approving the limit on fiscal spending and on the creation of a sovereign fund that is meant to take bad loans from
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
Slovenia austerity program comes to forceSlovenia’s government will continue with its austerity measures to cut the budget deficit after a trade union said it will challenge some of the moves
 Slovenian report by Euro Reporter
Slovenia anticipated rate cutsMoody's downgrade of Slovenia's three largest banks was "somewhat expected" but their ratings should improve once planned capital hikes are completed,
 La Slovenie; Presidente de l'Union europeenne? Ah bon ce n'est pas Sarkozy? by Newropeans-Magazine
Depuis le 1er janvier 2008 et jusqu'au 30 juin 2008 c'est la Slovénie qui oeuvre aux destinées européennes. On aimerait bien préciser la « petite » Slovénie, tant sa prise de fonction s'est faite
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