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 Hindus urge Finland to improve the plight of its Roma people who live in apartheid like conditions by Rajan Zed
Acclaimed Hindu and Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a release in Nevada (USA) today, asked how Finland, which prides itself for its human rights record, was tolerating such widespread prejudice against a segment of its own society. Maltreatm
 Hindus critical of EU Roma Summit by Rajan Zed
Describing today’s European Roma Summit in Brussels (Belgium) as just a “sweet talk”, Hindus would instead like to see urgent and concrete steps to improve the plight of Roma (also called Gypsies) people of Europe, who live in ap
 Hindus urge Pope to issue White Paper on Roma plight by Rajan Zed
Highlighting the gravity of the situation of Roma people of Europe, Hindus have strongly urged His Holiness Pope Benedictus XVI Joseph A. Ratzinger to immediately come up with a White Paper on their plight.Rajan Zed, acclaimed
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 Foreigners, go away!Foreigners, go away! by Alexander Mikhaylov
When you travel extensively, or indeed live in various countries for years, you cannot avoid getting acquainted with different cultures. Personally, I always enjoy it, even though moving from place to place comes with a pri
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