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You search by tag - Relationships

 Nothin' Could Be Finah by Leah Sellers
Nothin’ could be finah, than to be in CarolinaIn the mornin’Nothin’ could be meanah, than to be in ArgentinaCaught red-handed, and snorin’Nothin could be tougha, than to be Argentina’s
 Women: The ultimate cause of war by Joseph Gatt
Why do people hate Muslims so much? Studies have long argued that the religion has no moderate voices and encourages violence and terrorism. Others stipulate that many Muslim countries are oil dictatorships and that Saudi Arabia, through channe
 There ARE Clear Boundaries by Edna Nelson
Rihanna and Chris Brown's dating violence scandal is not only about how two young people cope with a relationship stained by violence, but also about how society itself becomes a container for this violence and how we react to it. Headlines ab
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 Jane of Thought: Psycholove by Jane Eagle
 Being Ugly in Queensland: Molony on Women by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
 Desert life by an Eskimo by Lee Thorkhill
An old man, weathered by a life that he has lived quickly and without regard for the feelings of others. Gifted from birth with a silver tongue and rugged looks he has left broken hearts and promises across the world. He is quick and free with wor
 Black Market Bodies by Valerie Sartor
China's account of prostitution, like her history, is long and venerable. Imperial Chinese concubines and courtesans evolved during Victorian times into Shanghai's famous "flower girls". These histo
 A Healthy Argument by Asa Butcher
There is a sage piece of advice often handed out to newly-weds: Don't go to sleep on an argument. I totally agree, especially since it is far comfier to go to sleep on a bed. Seriously, according to recent research, it now appears that the adv
 Dinner For Misfits: Part 2 by C.J. Michaels
The tables are small and space is cramped, so it’s fortunate that my companions do not include the large women from the bar. One end is dominated by a younger version of Woody Allen sitting next to a Renée Zellweger look-alike, who is g
 Dinner For Misfits: Part 1 by C.J. Michaels
Last time I attended a Spanish-themed singles dinner at La Tasca, I went dancing, collected three phone numbers and woke up with a beautiful South American who graced my apartment for the weekend.It’s with the memory of
 Black sheep by Asa Butcher
"The brotherhood of men does not imply their equality. Families have their fools and their men of genius, their black sheep and their saints, their worldly successes and their worldly failures. A man should trea
 Dates From Hell: #2 (Rebecca, 1995) a.k.a. The Gnome by C.J. Michaels
The thing about blind dates is that you’re expected to be nervous and shy and maybe socially inept. If you weren’t at least some of that, you’d be out trawling the bars, hunting for whatever you could find who’s either drunk or unc
 Fly Me To The Moon: Part Two by C.J. Michaels
CLICK HERE TO READ PART TWO It seems that Deirdra’s musical taste is similar to mine and she’s chosen some of the same songs. “Dance with me,” she says, when Sum
 Fly Me to the Moon: Part One by C.J. Michaels
She comes in when I’m at the jukebox. Must’ve been only moments behind and glided in without touching the floor, because I didn’t hear a thing. Not the tap of a stiletto, the patter of a road shoe or the rubbery squeak of a sneak
 The Dead Pinky 1 by Theo Versten
"The thing was that it just freaked me out that she didn’t have a pinky finger on her right hand anymore…" Quite an intriguing opening line to a story and it gets better, as Th
 The Dead Pinky 6 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part six I continued, “The best thing about knowing you was probably when we’d leave a party and pretend like I was going to drop you off at home and then park
 The Dead Pinky 3 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Three This girl deeply intrigued me. And her tight cleavage shined directly at me. Her eye shadow was blue.
 The Dead Pinky 4 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Four Classes were okay. Nothing to write home about. They were large. Lots of people in a room listening
 The Dead Pinky 2 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Two This was college. I had never been much of a drinker. But I found myself with a full cup for the fourth time wit
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