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 Tsipras in Moscow by Thanos Kalamidas
 America's Not Suitin' Putin by Leah Sellers
According to an New York Times Op-Ed, America is Perceived to be an International, quick trigger, shoot-before-you-”go figure (figger) Bully. He’s got a Stick with a Pointy Point.
 Emperor Vladimir's clothes! by Thanos Kalamidas
The emperor is definitely not naked, he’s wearing the white judo uniform and finally he …hinted at the next strike we all suspected! Gently …very judo style! For the ones who might not know this, Judo in Japanese means “
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 Natalia Estemirova: in the middle of a dirty war by Thanos Kalamidas
Her name was Natalia Estemirova. She was shot dead, causing a lot of trouble from the Kremlin to the Chechen capital. But what we fail to see, despite all the sorrow her death brings to her friends, colleagues and most of all to her young daughter
 Russia's oligarchy by Thanos Kalamidas
Russia is a huge country, and equally huge are the differences and the particularities of the different aspects of Russian life. Perhaps the 80s marked the nation’s history with the changes that brought democracy, changes that meant the e
 Two birds with one hit by Thanos Kalamidas
Today’s Russia has nothing to do with the Russia of Leonid Brezhnev or even with the Russia of Mikkail Gorbachev and this is a fact. However, at the same time, today’s Russia is not quite there yet… and by 'there' I mean
 Caption This! September 2008 by The Ovi Team
It is simple. Look at this photo of the former KGB/former President of Russia, now Prime Minister of Russia and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.
 Ave, Putin, democracy te salutant by Thanos Kalamidas
Should we call it, the Putin phenomenon? He is here but he’s not here, he is everywhere! If we lived during the times of the Roman Empire Putin would have adopted Dmitry Medvedev and the new emperor would be called Dmitry Medvedev Putin, jus
 A scary dude by Thanos Kalamidas
I often think that my life in Finland has made me always look at Russia’s side with concern. Finns are like this, they never trusted their gigantic neighbour, always suspicious, always mistrusting them; so after living here for as long I hav
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