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You search by tag - Privacy

 A dangerous cover up by Thanos Kalamidas
While the Taleban gradually takes over Pakistan with the Allies NATO or not NATO watching, Barack Obama is thinking about photos that show things have changed only in theory and not in practice. The rest of us are thinking how many more hundred da
 Spynet Dalai Lama by Thanos Kalamidas
Tom Clancy, the famous author of the Dr. Ryan series of spy books, started including in his books computer spying or better computer hacking for governments in the early-nineties; actually, in one of the latest novels of the Ryan saga the American
 Abusing Ovi's tolerance by Thanos Kalamidas
From its very beginning Ovi magazine has been a magazine with a great deal of tolerance and there are very few times we had to interfere either with articles or comments. When we did so, the people who wrote the articles or the comments had crosse
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 Boycott the Nobel Prize by Thanos Kalamidas
There are only six months left until the Swedish police and the secret service or any other authority will have full access to my emails and I …don’t even live in Sweden! The Swedish parliament’s decision, with the excuse of terr
 PR lessons for the uninitiated by Sofia Gkiousou
It seems that the knives are out in the PR industry and it’s all going to pot. And all because a magazine editor blacklisted some PR e-mail addresses.
 Back in USSR by Thanos Kalamidas
I was reading in the news that the US government demands more data on the passports for European travelers to the USA and I just remembered the good old…USSR! They demanded more, actually, and because they were n
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