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 Ending Marginalization and Exclusion by Rene Wadlow
 Some Quick and Easy Steps to Poverty in America by Leah Sellers
One of the most common Steps to bankruptcy and the Road to Poverty in America is through your Health. That’s right! Just get seriously ill with a ‘pre-existing condition’ the insurance companies don
 Applauding its mission to moon, Zed urges India to deal poverty at emergency level by Rajan Zed
Acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed has congratulated India on the launch of ambitious Chandrayaan-1, its indigenously built satellite system, which carries an unmanned exploration mission to the moon.It was a major mi
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 Thai appetite by Thanos Kalamidas
I know it sounds like a stupid question but what’s the first thing coming in mind when anybody says …Thailand? To most it means endless golden seaside, paradise holidays and exotic food. But do you ever wonder what it means for the peo
 Kids are dying in Zimbabwe by Thanos Kalamidas
Waiting for the results of the debate between Palin and Biden and while stock markets all around the world still tremble with a lot of catastropholists describing the last days of capitalism, there is one country that has doomed their financial sy
 War and peace in the virtual worldWar and peace in the virtual world by Joseph Gatt
I first had a computer with internet connection in 1995. At that time there was no Messenger, no Wikipedia, resources were very scarce, and only famous international organizations had websites. Chatting was also becoming popular, but internet c
 "ONE to one" campaign by The Ovi Team
Dear ONE Member,This year, what happens in Vegas—and all of Nevada—isn't going to stay there. That's because, on January 19, Nevada is holding its earliest presidential caucus ever, right on the hee
 Art In Politics - "Anthem of the Black Poet" by Mbizo Chirasha
the succulent breast of Mother Africa ooze with themilk of black renaissancethe rich womb of Africa germinate seeds of blackconsciousness.the black blood bubble with identity of Africa
 Free Rice by Asa Butcher
Earlier this week I saw a 'Free Rice' headline on the BBC website and my immediate response was how the hell did somebody manage to kidnap the United States' Secretary of State? A few moments later I realis
 Bruno Buendia and the Memory of the 50's Generation by Alexandra Pereira
Peru’s 1950’s generation was a generation of ácratas, cursed vanguardists, a generation which actually “generated” something significant, more than a group of individuals with about the same age and mere reserved ambit
 Bob Geldof: The economics of poverty by Asa Butcher
"I get fascinated by the oxymoron of the economics of poverty, it's a zero sum game, and I get caught up in the meetings and the politics, and then you go back to Africa and you're sitting in a little to
 Brazil's Mr. Loco by Thanos Kalamidas
What makes a 21-year-old man send a letter to a judge begging for an extension to his imprisonment because there is nothing for him outside of the prison bars? The young man, in perfect mental and physical health, has a very strong argument: if he
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