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  Pope Francis and American Cafeteria Catholics: a Revisiting by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 The Pope Spoke to America and Her Congress Today.... by Leah Sellers
Mrs. Joanne is a devout Catholic.  Mrs. Joanne has Alzheimers, but she remembered that the Pope is speaking to the American Congress, and other congregations at various locations in Washington D.C. and New York today. 
 Heading for the Tiber: Benedict XVI and the Anglican Church by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Pope Benedict XVI is nothing if not wily.   The Catholic Church issued a call last week stating that it would enable Anglicans to convert to Roman Catholicism, thereby undermining an already conflicted Church amounting to 77 million f
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 "Caritas in Veritate" and the Economic Crisis: Message and Messenger by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
 For the Moment: A Pinch Blessing by Patrick McWade
A cartoon about the possible after-effects of the Pope's recent tumble by Patrick McWade...
 Hindus urge Pope to issue White Paper on Roma plight by Rajan Zed
Highlighting the gravity of the situation of Roma people of Europe, Hindus have strongly urged His Holiness Pope Benedictus XVI Joseph A. Ratzinger to immediately come up with a White Paper on their plight.Rajan Zed, acclaimed
 An inconvenient protest: Censorship and World Youth Day by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Frustration of an authority’s attempt to censor protest should give civil libertarians room to gloat.  But the recent decision by the Australian Federal court to strike out various words in the World Youth Day Act, a New South Wales pro
 Europa Quo Vadis? 2/2 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
The Pope points out that one such modern ideology is liberation theology which in Latin America ended up substituting the Christian idea of redemption. The relation of personal responsibility
 Europa Quo Vadis? 1/2 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
A book written by Pope Benedict XVI, before he became Pope, whose title translates from the Italian as Europe: its Spiritual Foundat
 Pope plays "Bite and Blow" with Muslims by Amin George Forji
Pope Benedict XVI on Monday tried desperately hard to clean up his own "mess", following his comments in Germany on September 12, which came in the form of a quote from a 14th Century Byzantine emperor that P
 Pope quoting history by Thanos Kalamidas
Let me see, I read the newspapers every day, I listen to the radio news and I watch the news on television. Most of the time somebody for Iran or Iraq declares war on Christianity and promises he will see my head cut
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