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 The 66th UN General Assembly Session will remember Obama's Deplorable Tactics by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Last month the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, and the U.S. President Obama all spoke at the U.N. While for the first time in years, Abbas behaved and spoke like a leader, taking proactive measures i
 Palestinian Statehood and the US veto by Dana Halawa
 Time for the Palestinians to end the slavery of been used for their own good by Thanos Kalamidas
It is now more than ever the right time for the Palestinian issue to end and stopped been used from everybody with background agenda that not always aims for the best of the Palestinian people. The last three decades the Palestinian issue has beco
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 The Palestine Question by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Thomas Friedman is an op/ed columnist who regularly writes for the New York Times. He has been an unabashed supporter and promoter of the Israeli cause, and thus, his past writings had often been so biased in favor of Israel that they never helped
 When did Middle East get old news? by Thanos Kalamidas
Let’s say that I follow the news the last thirty-five years, and follow the news I mean I am aware of what they are talking about and able to understand the political background of everything I read. Out of those thirty-five years, each and
 Israel-Palestine:When will the Parties try a different approach? by Hezron H.N Nyawachi
The direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are suffering an abrupt break given the expiry of 10 month freeze on settlements that was announced on November 25 2009 and lapsed on September 26 2010. The US administ
 Let's chant: free, free Palestine by Kourosh Ziabari
Press TV - Seeing the footage dispatched from London to TV stations around the world following the massacre of peace activists onboard the Freedom Flotilla embarrassed me for several reasons. First and foremost, as an Iranian
 I stand by Palestine forever by Kourosh Ziabari
In a recent interview which I conducted with the brave Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, he told me that he has never seen a nation to be as strong and powerful as the Palestinian nation. I admire his statement. He is r
 Part 2: What will it take to dismantle the Apartheid character of the Zionist State? by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
In the last 62 years, the state of Israel has transformed itself from a colonial, settler Jewish state to a Zionist expansionist empire, albeit without an emperor, in the heart of the Middle East where through its racist and apartheid policies and
 Funding a conflict by Thanos Kalamidas
You often see American Jew comedians blaming their heritage for their self-destructive character and when it is said in a comedy series it makes you laugh but when it comes from a state makes you wander if there is really something going on with t
 Part 1: Israel Needs to Erase her Apartheid Character by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
The coming Tuesday, 16 March, will be the 7th year since Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist, was killed by an Israeli Army bulldozer while trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian building in the Rafah refugee camp. A court case broug
 The Israeli Factor in the Failed Middle East Diplomacy - Part 2 by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Fourteen years ago in May of 1996, a month after the Qana massacre, journalist Ari Shavit of Ha’aretz wrote, “We killed 170 people in Lebanon, most of whom were refugees, during the month of April, 1996. Many of them were women, old
 The Israeli Factor in the Failed Middle East Diplomacy - Part 1 by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Last week, seemingly frustrated with the stalemate around Iran’s proposal for a simultaneous swap of its stockpile for imported enriched fuel rods, President Ahmadinejad announced that his government would produce its own higher-enriched
 Middle East ...again by Thanos Kalamidas
Another American president, another Palestinian Israeli summit, and since I’m not young I remember a lot of those summits  - a few of them ended up with Nobel prizes – but still no solution. The new American presidents always c
 Israel settling a provocative act by Thanos Kalamidas
Is it a provocative naivety or pure stupidity? These are the questions that will always make us wonder about the decisions that come from the Israeli government. It doesn’t matter which side of the Israeli political world they represent.
 Writing on the Wall by Gush Shalom
The writing on the wall – I saw it in Sheikh Jarrah, sitting on the floor of the detainee car, looking through the barsHow I was detained and interrogated for expressing solidarity with the expelled Palestinians.- Ofra Ben Artz
 A legal and moral obligation violated by Gush Shalom
Since the occupation in 1967, Israel took control over most of the water sources in the West Bank, and uses them for Israeli clients and especially for settlers. The mountain acquifer is considered a joint (Palestinian-Israeli) water reservoir
 Gaza: A two-year siege by Yacov I. Claude
One more murderous clash on the Gaza border, this past Monday, reminding us how explosive the situation remains there. 4 killed, 12 wounded among the Palestinians, no losses on the Israeli side. Inside the Strip, out of a list of 4,000 « auth
 The Isracard Company threatens to sue Gush Shalom by Gush Shalom
The credit card company "Isracard" reacted sharply to the public protest initiated by Gush Shalom. Gush Shalom Spokesperson Adam Keller got this morning an angry fax from Ayala Tidhar and Orit Hangali of the Isracard Marketing & Fore
 Zionism is Racism 2/2: Zionism needs to be redefined as pure racism and nothing else by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
 Zionism is Racism 1/2: President Ahmadinejad's speech too much for closet racists by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
 In the name of The European convention of human rights by Yacov I. Claude
 10 Ways to Kill Fatah by Gush Shalom
979 DAYS HAVE passed since the soldier Gilad Shalit was taken prisoner. On any one of these days it would have been possible to free him for the price fixed by Hamas right from the beginning: 450 "important" Palestinian prisoners, in add
 The Great Gamble by Gush Shalom
"IACTA ALEA EST" – the die is cast – said Julius Caesar and crossed the River Rubicon on his way to conquer Rome. That was the end of Roman democracy.We don’t have a Julius Caesar. But we do have an
 Should we negotiate with Hamas? Middle East as a crucible for the EU's neighbouring policy by Newropeans-Magazine
The European Union presents itself willingly as an empire of peace striving for stability and prosperity all around the globe. Middle East, however, possesses a great challenge for the EU and its efforts for peace: competing r
 Enough with the war lords of the Middle East by Thanos Kalamidas
Sometime we must decide what we want to happen with the Middle East problem and particularly with the Palestinian issue. I was just reading the things the newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said and I have to admit that his announcem
 Ms Tantalus by Gush Shalom
TANTALUS IS punished by the Gods for reasons that are not entirely clear. He is hungry and thirsty, but the water in which he stands recedes when he bends down to drink from it and the fruit above his head continually evades his hand.
 Postmortem is over by Tahir Khan
Israel minister of defense Ehud Barack has said that “Our purpose is to hit Hamas in such a way that will force it to halt any firing and other hostile activities against Israeli citizens and against the IDF” before beginning of
 Innocent lives caught in war - Gaza by Saberi Roy
Nearly 1000 people have been killed in Gaza with thousands wounded and political leaders, Nobel laureates, activists have demanded a ceasefire in Gaza, which has now been voted for, maybe a bit too late. During the entire operation, Israel has con
 The Boss Has Gone Mad by Gush Shalom
169 YEARS before the Gaza War, Heinrich Heine wrote a premonitory poem of 12 lines, under the title “To Edom”. The German-Jewish poet was talking about Germany, or perhaps all the nations of Christian Europe. This is what he wrote (in
 Gaza: Immediate & Final Cease-Fire! by Yacov I. Claude
What should we wait for? A thousand killed? We're almost there. Ten thousand wounded? Obama's speech on January 20th? « The acts of Hamas cannot justify Israel's cruel war against Palestinian civilians
 How Many Divisions? by Gush Shalom
NEARLY SEVENTY YEARS ago, in the course of World War II, a heinous crime was committed in the city of Leningrad. For more than a thousand days, a gang of extremists called “the Red Army” held the millions of the town’s inhabitant
 Molten Lead by Gush Shalom
JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT, Aljazeera’s Arabic channel was reporting on events in Gaza. Suddenly the camera was pointing upwards towards the dark sky. The screen was pitch black. Nothing could be seen, but there was a sound to be heard: the noise o
 Israel's P.R. by Thanos Kalamidas
If there is somebody who makes the best possible public relations for the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause this must be Israel, I mean the best P.R. ever! The moment the thoughts of all the western world is at Christmas and the joy of the ki
 Spot the Difference by Gush Shalom
A MAN was asked about his sons. “I have three,” he said, “but one of them is a complete idiot.”“Which one?” they asked.“Take your pick,” he replied.In 51
 Tzipi's Nation-State by Gush Shalom
IT SOUNDS like an invented story. And indeed it is.In this tale, an American politician gets up and declares: The United States was founded by British Protestants who were persecuted in Europe for their Puritan beliefs. The
 MEMO FOR OBAMA by Gush Shalom
For: the President-Elect, Mr. Barack Obama.From: Uri Avnery, Israel.The following humble suggestions are based on my 70 years of experience as an underground fighter, special forces soldier in the
 Barak Ovadya, Candidate by Gush Shalom
THE ISRAELI OBAMA. What will he look like, the Israeli counterpart of Barack Obama? What will be his attributes?That is a tantalizing question. It goes without saying that one cannot construct a human being according to a reci
 Eyes Wide Shut by Gush Shalom
THE DAY before yesterday, two documents appeared side by side in Haaretz: a giant advertisement from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the results of a public opinion poll.The proximity was accidental, but to t
 Yes, you can by Gush Shalom
IN JULY 2004, the convention of the Democratic Party was about to nominate John Kerry as its candidate for President. The organizing committee had to decide who would deliver the keynote speech. In the American tradition, that speech sets the tone
 India & Israel: A Wrong Alliance 2/4 by Shahul Hameed
HINDU FANATIC MOVEMENTS CLOSE RELATIONS WITH ISRAELDuring the Hindu fanatic movement Barathiya Janatha Party rule, the Pro-Zionist Hindutva intelligentsia took control of the political corridors of power in the Prime Minister’s o
 India & Israel: A Wrong Alliance 1/4 by Shahul Hameed
India has had unambiguous support for the Palestine cause for many decades. In 1975 India recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) as the 'sole legitimate representative of the Palestine people'. In 1980 it granted full
 It Can Happen Here by Gush Shalom
THE GERMAN name Sternhell means bright as the stars. The name fits: the positions of Professor Ze'ev Sternhell indeed stand out sharply against the darkness of the sky. He warns against Israeli fascism. This week, Israeli fascists laid a pipe-
 Fly, Tzipora, fly! by Gush Shalom
THE POLLS were wrong, as usual. And in a big way. As usual.Instead of winning by a huge margin, as predicted until the very last moment by all the polls, she just squeaked through. Of the 72 thousand or so registered Kadima members, on
 Tzipi's Choice by Gush Shalom
AS AN ISRAELI, I am ashamed. An incumbent Prime Minister has been compelled to resign because of personal corruption. How awful!As an Israeli, I am proud. An incumbent Prime Minister has been compelled to resign because of per
 Lonely Rider by Gush Shalom
AT THE funeral of Abie Nathan, I said to myself: the Israel-as-it-is takes its leave from the Israel-as-it-could-have-been.From the state that we dreamed of when it was founded. A state where moral considerations govern both d
 The Devil's Hoof by Gush Shalom
I WAS shocked when I read the headline in Haaretz. It quoted Sari Nusseibeh as saying "There is no Room for Two", meaning two states between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan.What? Has Nusseibeh abandoned his supp
 Humanitarian boats to Gaza in trouble by Gush Shalom
The Gush Shalom movement calls upon the government to let the two humanitarian boats which sailed yesterday from Cyprus, carrying peace and human rights activists from 17 countries (among them Prof. Jeff Halper of Jerusalem) to sail unmolested, re
 The Anger, the Longing, the Hope by Gush Shalom
ONE OF the wisest pronouncements I have heard in my life was that of an Egyptian general, a few days after Anwar Sadat's historic visit to Jerusalem.We were the first Israelis to come to Cairo, and one of the things we wer
 Hollow Time by Gush Shalom
EHUD OLMERT'S resignation speech reached us on our way back from a demonstration.We were protesting the death of Ahmad Moussa, aged 10, who was murdered during a demonstration against the Separation Fence at Na'ilin vi
 If I Forget Thee, Umm Touba... by Gush Shalom
In one of the most beautiful songs in the Bible, the poet vows: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, / Let my right hand forget her cunning. / If I do not remember thee, / Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; / If I prefer not Jerusalem a
 Different Planets by Gush Shalom
I SPENT the whole day flipping between the Israeli channels and Aljazeera.It was an eerie experience: in a fraction of a second I could switch between two worlds, but all the channels reported on exactly the same occasion. In
 Gaza, Mediterranea - 3 week cease-fire - open the doors! by Yacov I. Claude
Gaza, besieged for more than a year now, is 1,300 km from Athens as the crow flies, 2,300 km from Rome, and 3,000 km from Algiers and the South of France. Can this distance from Western capitals be what accounts for the confounding silence of the
 Satan's Counsel by Gush Shalom
It was just a passing conversation, but it has stuck in my memory.It was soon after the Six-Day War. I was coming out of the main hall of the Knesset, after making a speech calling for the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state
 Israeli-Hamas Truce: A New Deal by Rene Wadlow
The truce between the Israeli government and the Hamas-led authorities of the Gaza strip began on Thursday morning 19 June 2008. The truce was mediated by Egypt and holds the possibility for new relationships if strong follow-up measures are take
 An Apology by Gush Shalom
THIS WEEK, the Prime Minister of Canada made a dramatic statement in Parliament: he apologized to the indigenous peoples of his country for the injustices done to them for generations by successive Canadian governments. This w
 American Politics, Terrorism and Islam: Part 3 by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Allegations of Israeli Terrorism Israel plays an important role in American politics. So strong is the power and influence of the pro-Israeli Lobby that no politician can afford to appear anti-Israel by quest
 Demonstration at sea: Gaza: Stop the siege, let the ceasefire sail! by Gush Shalom
Monday morning, June 16, between 10.15 am and 11.30amSailing from the Herzliya Marina dock In solidarity & simultaneous with protest sailing by Gaza Fishermen Israeli peace activists will convene on Monday Jun
 No, I Can't! by Gush Shalom
AFTER MONTHS of a tough and bitter race, a merciless struggle, Barack Obama has defeated his formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton. He has wrought a miracle: for the first time in history a black person has become
 When the Kettle Calls the Pot Black by Gush Shalom
I CANNOT say that I ever liked Ehud Olmert. But now I almost feel sorry for him.It is not pleasant to see how they pounce on him, like jackals and hyenas fighting over a carcass.And that also raises some questions.
 Escaping Forwards by Gush Shalom
THE GERMANS call it "die Flucht nach vorne" - escaping forwards. When the situation is desperate, attack! Instead of retreating, advance!When there is no way out, storm ahead!This method was successful
 With Friends Like These... by Gush Shalom
LATELY WE are flooded with friends. The Great of the Earth, past and present, come here to flatter us, to fawn on us, to grovel at our feet. "God, save me from my friends, my enemies I can deal with myself!" says
 1948 by Gush Shalom
ONE DAY, I hope, a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", on the South African model, will be set up here. It should be composed of Israeli, Palestinian and international historians, whose job will be to
 ...Namely the State of Israel by Ovi Magazine Guest
EVERY TIME I hear the voice of David Ben-Gurion uttering the words \"Therefore we are gathered here…\" I think of Issar Barsky, a charming youngster, the little brother of a girl-friend of mine.The last time we met wa
 Ovi's Person of the Year 2007: Alan Johnston by Asa Butcher
When we asked you to nominate your candidate for Ovi's Person of the Year 2007 we didn't expect to receive such a positive response. Thanks to each of you who took the time to contact us and offer us your choice
 End the Siege on Gaza by The Ovi Team
We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, support and uphold the call of a coalition of organizations and individuals in Gaza for an international campai
 Annapolis: Start of a Middle East Helsinki Process? by Rene Wadlow
There was a high level of scepticism — not to say cynicism — concerning the outcome of the 27 November conference on Israel-Palestine in Annapolis. All the chief actors in this drama had different motivations and different interests
 Give Annapolis a Chance by Yacov I. Claude
Whatever promising speeches and wishful exchanges will have been put forth in Annapolis, if confidence is to be gradually rebuilt between the conflicting sides, unconditional measures must urgently be taken:
 Real Politik in ...Annapolis! by Thanos Kalamidas
This is it! It is just a week before the meeting for the Palestinians in Annapolis, USA; the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with reporters and tried to give them his optimism for a final result till the end of 2008 despite the last minute
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