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 Nokia: Let HP inspire you by Asa Butcher
Earlier this week Nokia released a report that revealed only a small percentage of mobile phones are recycled, even though they include valuable and potentially toxic materials. According to the survey that polled 6,500 people in a dozen countries
 Koistinen (1/3) by Luis Alves
Nokia1. Visão “interMédia “
 98% of Nokia is ownership of American funds by Luis Alves
In the last film of Aki Kaurismäki, "Lights in the Dusk" - third part of a trilogy begun by “Drifting Clouds” (
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 Testosterone in the air by Thanos Kalamidas
It seems that the Finnish government has turned lately really …erotic, if not exotic, and that definitely makes a few faces smile knowing that there’s something different than the usual politics of Finnish life. You could say that Finn
 Der Fall Nokia und die Demokratie in der EU by Newropeans-Magazine
Es gibt wirksame ökonomische Rezepte gegen Subventionswettlauf und Steuerdumping in der EU. Sie können jedoch nicht verwirklicht werden, denn: „der Hemmschuh sind die Regierungen.“ Doch auch dagegen gibt es ein Rezept: Ne
 "Mainstream media" vision by Luis Alves
1. Nokia 1.1 "Mainstream media" vision
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