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 Important victories on ACTA! Moving on to Final Steps by Newropeans-Magazine
 Caligula: A political opera for the MENA region. by Newropeans-Magazine
I recently read that a German-born composer, Detlev Glanert, will premiere Caligula at the London Coliseum, home of the English National Opera, later this month. Caligula, for the uninitiated, is
 Quebec Steps Closer to Martial Law: Bill 78 is a "Declaration of War on the Student Movement" by Newropeans-Magazine
On Friday, May 18, the Québec legislature signed a special “
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 Greek elections: reinvent political vision for the "Eurolanders", for the people, not for the Euro by Newropeans-Magazine
Short comments about the Greek elections: reinvent political vision for the "Eurolanders", for the people, not for the Euro! Now it's time!
 Serbia in turmoil over regionalisation by Newropeans-Magazine
Serbia has traditionally been characterised by asymmetric devolution, presently consisting of so-called Central Serbia, where local self-governments - municipalities and cities-, are the only sub-national tier of government, and of Vojvodi
 Dutch windmills grind slowly but still they do by Newropeans-Magazine
On April 21, leaders of the Dutch minority government announced that talks to strike a deal with the eurosceptic PVV (party providing parliamentary majority to the government) had reached a dead end. The talks were necessary to a
 America and the lying problem: Are we entering the fact-free century? by Newropeans-Magazine
America appears to have a lying problem. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion when looking at the string of easily disprovable untruths that have come out of the mouths of mainstream politicians during this season's Republi
 Timbuktu Falls: What Future For Mali? by Newropeans-Magazine
Timbuktu was once a metaphor for the middle of nowhere. Now it is in the middle of a struggle that has important implications for the whole Sahel zone that runs from Senegal to Sudan. Tuareg armed forces coming from further north have taken control of
 Don't mention the Gaza by Newropeans-Magazine
 Power Shift: US pivot driven by perceptions of Chinese power and by diminishing US financial clout by Newropeans-Magazine
Media coverage of President Barack Obama’s high-profile visit to Australia and plan to boost US presence in Asia may mask America’s shrinking global footprint. The combination of concern over China and the US debt crisis could se
 Small European states and populism by Newropeans-Magazine
Europe is a patchwork of countries with small populations not bigger than those of cities like Tokyo, New York or Mumbai. 21 out of the 27 member states of the EU fall into this category. In this article I would like to refer to these countries
 Oscars for "The Artist": When the voiceless American people is crying for help by Newropeans-Magazine
These historic wins of five Oscars for a foreign movie (Best Picture,
 Where is the MENA region today? by Newropeans-Magazine
Overall ObservationsI have suggested it many times already, but I’ll suggest it again today: I believe the Arab awakening or sahwa that was initially dubbed an Arab spring began with an idea (fikra) that morph
 Croatians vote to join EU by Newropeans-Magazine
Amidst all the bad news, the EU can feel at least a bit reassured following the strong endorsement given by Croatians to their country joining the European Union. Though you'd be forgiven for getting the impression from the English-sp
 A New Egypt for all Egyptians by Newropeans-Magazine
The French historian and educator Fernand Braudel used the term “longue durée” (or the plurality of historical time) to describe how changes in the deep socio-economic and technological structures o
 The Armenian Genocide: What about Turkey? by Newropeans-Magazine
Hold on for a minute: is this still January or are we already in April? Before any reader assumes that I have taken complete leave of my senses, I am asking this question merely because of a
 End of an Affair? City of London and EU in Bitter Acrimony by Newropeans-Magazine
London’s financial circle and the UK chafe at EU regulations - One’s history is long and the other’s is short, but the City of London and the European Union have each in their own
 From Vietnam to Palestine: A Crime of Silence? by Newropeans-Magazine
May this Tribunal prevent the crime of silence … declared Lord Bertrand Russell to define both the spirit and objective of the International War Crimes Tribunal that was constituted in 1966 to inv
 Europe and the Hungarian 170 pages strong media law by Newropeans-Magazine
Despite sharp protests in Hungary itself and from the EU the right wing conservative government pushed a new media law through parliament, getting two thirds of the votes on 21.12.2010. The law intimidates journalists and bloggers and polarizes
 Freedom of movement, immigration, Schengen : what are the Eurolanders expecting? by Newropeans-Magazine
Use of illegal immigration to justify restrictions on Shengen's free movement rights, attempts by the national states to act on their own in these matters, lack of European governance of Shengen, demagogic use of immigration's fear to serv
 9 December 2011: The day Britain left Europe by Newropeans-Magazine
David Cameron emerged as the villain of the hour in the early hours of this morning as news broke that after tense all-night discussions, the UK has vetoed treaty change to save the faltering euro. The meeting then went to plan B, forging ah
 Are you still being ruled or are you already governing yourself? by Newropeans-Magazine
Wirst du noch regiert oder verwaltest du dich schon selbst?Baden-Württemberg, for the first time in its history, will have a state-wide referendum on 27.11.2011. The question, about which the citizens will decide, is,
 UNESCO: Education, Science, Culture & Politics! by Newropeans-Magazine
 Greek referendum: the future of the eurozone through the democratic box by Newropeans-Magazine
Here are some remarks concerning the decision of the Greek prime minister to hold a referendum on the agreement negotiated in Brussels for his country to get out of the crisis and its likely consequences:
 New lords to replace the old kings by Newropeans-Magazine
Exported by the Europeans, or more exactly by the "Eurolanders", Spaniards, Portugese, French, Greeks, Germans,... all citizens of the Eurozone, because they perfectly understood that the starting point of all this mess is oversea, the
 Moot Points over Palestinian Statehood? by Newropeans-Magazine
Ever since last summer, much ink has been spilt, and many computer bytes have been used, as experts and commentators alike have discussed whether Palestinians should go to the United Nations in order to claim their statehood or whether they wou
 Berlusconi: Italy is a "shitty country" by Newropeans-Magazine
He's survived sex scandals, corruption investigations and insurrections – but can Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi survive in his post even after insulting the country he rules? Considering t
 How the Dutch struggle with the next round of EU integration by Newropeans-Magazine
Evidence is growing that Europe is rapidly heading toward further integration. Finance ministries in the eurozone do not trust the tricky Greek situation. While they hope for the best (that Greece will succeed to get its se
 Fearing the People... by Newropeans-Magazine
PLEBISCITE & REFERENDUM These two words are essentially synonymous, and refer to a popular vote outside the normal electoral process, on one or more specific issues of importance. It has and is used in man
 The catastrophic implications of Greece and Portugal exiting the euro by Newropeans-Magazine
According to a report from Berlin, Germany, the billionaire George Soros has suggested that Greece and possibly Portugal should quit the euro and the European Union due to their massive debts.
 Any Coherent Sense of Direction for Syria? by Newropeans-Magazine
I do not mask the fact that I have in the past often looked up to Syria due to its rich history and centrality in the heartland of the Arab World let alone its seeming resistance to Israeli, Arab and non-Arab plots woven against it. But this se
 Franck Biancheri's new comments on the consequences of the 'US debt ceiling agreement' by Newropeans-Magazine
These lines are taken from various email interviews I gave in recent days. So, we can see that the world is expressing a clear disbelief about the agreement (just see China, Russia, and many US
 Corporatism or Survival on Earth? by Newropeans-Magazine
Globalized commerce and finance have taken over the planet and the majority of nations are above all anxious to keep up the pace with the rest of the frightened sycophants to the Empire, anxious not to fall behind when and where the big
 The failure of national governments by Newropeans-Magazine
The EU is good at crises, is what the past tells us. If that is true, hopefully this eurocrisis triggers a new round of deeper EU integration, or better, eurozone integration. This time, unlike before, the member state governments cannot es
 Urgent need for an International Court for Global Financial Crimes by Newropeans-Magazine
We have been hit by the financial crisis. This financial and monetary crisis constitutes an imminent breakdown of the system that keeps the real economy running. And this crisis is responsible for the destabilization of whole nations as far as
 Lashing Waves of Syrian Uncertainty! by Newropeans-Magazine
Like many other politicians, analysts, journalists or ordinary peoples worldwide, I too watched with interest Syrian President Bashar El-Assad’s third speech at Damascus University earlier this week. And sitting in front of the TV, I was tel
 Abkhazia - and Now ? by Newropeans-Magazine
Deep quiet holds the breath of night My mother-land in silence lies, Yet o
 Europe's left continues to disappear by Newropeans-Magazine
Yet another centre-left European government was ousted yesterday as the Portuguese voted overwhelmingly for the country's conservatives. Prime Minister Jose Socrates' Socialists, who have been in power since 2005, received just 28% o
 Music wars on the Brussels metro by Newropeans-Magazine
If you've ever ridden the Brussels metro subway system you may have noticed that your journey is accompanied by catchy pop tunes. In fact this past Monday was
 The origin of Modern 'Just War' Theory by Newropeans-Magazine
As the West pummels and pounds yet another country, this time Libya, purportedly to rescue its people, it is worth revisiting (albeit briefly) the concept of ‘just war’, which has led to concepts such as humanitarian intervention.
 MENA Politics by Trial & Error? by Newropeans-Magazine
Let me be honest about it! Who with the exception perhaps of some self-styled prophets will have thought that the protests sparked by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on 17 December 2010 will have ousted Tunisian president Zine el-Abi
 Tensions flare at French-Italian border by Newropeans-Magazine
France and Italy are locked in a war of words today after France stopped several trains from crossing the border between the two countries over the weekend. France, suspecting that Italy was trying to dump North African immigrants into the c
 An Arab Spring Challenges its Brutal Winter! by Newropeans-Magazine
Operation Odyssey Dawn managed to grab our full attention once more just as much of the world was trying to cope with the devastating earthquake that hit the north-eastern region of Japan almost two weeks ago. Every news channel today spend
 Fukushima 2011: 25 years after Chernobyl and 65 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Newropeans-Magazine
 Reforme fiscale et construction europeenne by Newropeans-Magazine
L’échéance de 2012 apparait comme l’objectif principal de la réforme fiscale actuellement en cours de discussion. Dans
 Vers une souverainete de la zone Euro by Newropeans-Magazine
"Les modèles classiques 'état fédéral' ou 'fédération d'états' ne valent plus rien – il faut une nouvell
 Euro vs democracy? by Newropeans-Magazine
Every year the town of Davos hosts the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) which is attended by representatives of the business world, politicians, writers, thinkers, actors and former presidents like Bill Clinton. And don’t forget Bono of co
 Obama "doesn't make any sense at all" by Newropeans-Magazine
Arianna Huffington appeared on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" Tuesday to discuss Obama's recent move to review federal regulations agencies and his assertion that deregulation will create jobs.
 They make a desert and they call it peace by Newropeans-Magazine
Radical analyses of the Irish and European debt crisis can benefit from engagement with some mainstream (or even right-wing) analyses – there is much to be learned there, and sometimes a surprising amount of common ground. However, wher
 Britain hurt over Obama's warm words to France by Newropeans-Magazine
A compliment from President Barack Obama used for his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy during a state visit in Washington two weeks ago has raised more than a few eyebrows in the UK. 
 The crisis in Ireland and Greece. What is really going on? by Newropeans-Magazine
Being a Greek living in Ireland, I am only able to feel double disappointment and anger lately. Last year I had to watch the country I originally come from being humiliated with the IMF loan, this year is the
 Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Egypt - Peace and goodwill unto the Middle East? by Newropeans-Magazine
This week, men, women and children in numerous Middle Eastern households will unavoidably be caught up in the yuletide spirit. They will hope for a more peaceful world in 2011 and wish for the welfare and happiness of kith and kin al
 LeakiPress by Newropeans-Magazine
In 1938 Wickham Steed wrote in \"The Press\" a wonderful Penguin Special called \'\"The press is the central problem of modern democracy\". Steed describes in this book the press as the main way to \'free peoples\
 Settlements & Peace: an Oxymoron? by Newropeans-Magazine
Will he, or won’t he? Over the past few weeks and months, many of us have focused with almost singular dedication over this question! I am referring of course to Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s decision regarding a fu
 Wikileaks, la sape de l'Euroland et la revolte des jeunes by Newropeans-Magazine
Depuis le lancement de la dernières vague de wikileaks certaines observations dépassent mon entendement, mais je pense que c'est le lot de nous tous. Que cache wikileaks et qui se cache derrière Assange... Mais pendant qu
 Time to Put a Stop to the Torture Apologists Once and For All by Newropeans-Magazine
In his recently released memoires, the ex-US president George W. Bush candidly admitted that he had given the go-
 Middle Eastern Tectonic Fault Lines! by Newropeans-Magazine
Whilst having a chat with an Armenian British friend at Crush Juice last Sunday, I learnt that she had recently shifted her area of research to Sudan with its manifold issues such as Darfur, the forthcoming referendum, oil and refineries, as we
 The United States of Paralysis by Newropeans-Magazine
The results are in, and there were no big surprises from US midterm election. As predicted, Republicans have wrested control of the House of Representatives from Democrats but failed to take the Senate. But maintaining "control" of
 The European Public Prosecutor : a challenge for the European Union by Newropeans-Magazine
It is today obvious that the more that borders of the single market are opened up, the more the persistence of legal frontiers proves disastrous. The Spanish general public prosecutor called for a European public proscutor in March 2010
 Brazil is moving from Third World to First World by Newropeans-Magazine
If Brazil has long lived out its personal fantasy as the archetypal relaxed, tolerant and gregarious country with Copacabana beach, the samba, the carnival and a great deal of sexual freedom it is now living out in real time its almost fo
 The Iron Fist Behind EU Soft Power by Newropeans-Magazine
Drawn up as the second millennium drew to a close and in the immediate wake of the Cold War, the European Commission´s Agenda 2000 boldly declared the EU´s intention to play an enhanced role in global affairs thro
 No end in sight for Belgian political chaos by Newropeans-Magazine
When I disembarked from the plane to my new country of residency I learned that it is one step closer to not being a country for much longer. The government talks following June's election have collapsed – meaning the country st
 Global Justice and Inequity: Lessons Learned from Bhopal and BP Horizon Deepwater by Newropeans-Magazine
Bhopal and BP Horizon Deepwater Background Almost 26 years ago, on the night of 3rd December 1984, Bhopal (India) was enveloped in a poisonous miasmic cloud of methyl isocyanate gas, which gushe
  Vision for students of Europe - Dream Foundation: Helping people closer to their dreams by Newropeans-Magazine
Dreaming and dreams are one of the most powerful things that can move mountains and make great things happen. Think for a second about world-changing inventions like a lamp bulb or airplane and extraordinary achievements like visiting the Mo
 [Comic wink] How Very Bazaar by Newropeans-Magazine
That  crazy, sexy  humanitarian and art-lover Napoleon Bonaparte (who incidentally trails Napoleon Solo in the Napoleonic Cool stakes) once said of  the  Little Britayners that they are a 'nation of shopkeepers'
 Copenhagen Blogroll Bites by Newropeans-Magazine
As we struggle through the global economic crisis and very hot summer days, let's return to this winter in Copenhagen, As we struggled through the global economic crisis and the bitterly cold, short winter days, when the December 2009 UN Cli
 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon & the Middle East! by Newropeans-Magazine
Today, and unlike my wont, I simply wish to share with my readers three major political snapshots coming out of Lebanon and conclude with a few topical updates about the larger Middle East. Earlier, I was in fact thinking of a much more in-d
 Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and the South by Newropeans-Magazine
Towards the end of the 1970s, major commercial interests in the US started to campaign for the removal of responsibility for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). High-
 Belgian elections - the EU fiasco around the corner by Newropeans-Magazine
Two weeks before the country is slated to take over the rotating EU presidency from Spain. Considering that it took Belgium nine months to form a government after the last general election in 2007, Brussels is getting increasingly worr
 Ever-Decreasing Circles in the Middle East? by Newropeans-Magazine
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Ma
 Poland - Shadow and Dust by Newropeans-Magazine
Polayne is returning to normality or as the Yanks would say, normalcy. It's been quite a time and before I get back to whimsy, I'd like to tell you about it.
 The Forgotten Parties in Iraq! by Newropeans-Magazine
Earlier this week, a friend suggested I tune in to a programme on BBC Radio 4 entitled Iraq’s Forgotten Conflict. Presented by the veteran journalist Edward Stourton, it probed for forty minutes the current plight of Christians, as wel
 Debt Burden Cripples Poorer Nations by Newropeans-Magazine
Between 1970 and 2002, the continent of Africa received some US$540bn in loans. However, a UN study showe d that d
 Let's ask populists to return their salaries to the EU by Newropeans-Magazine
The 9th of June, there will be parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. The most important question will be how many citizens vote for the right wing populist Party for Freedom (PVV) of Geert Wilders, the party that already won the Dutch Eur
 Genocide! The Armenian Chapter by Newropeans-Magazine
If we do act, in however small a way, we don't have to wait for some grand Utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is i
 Thinking about Europe without the euro? by Newropeans-Magazine
When Iceland went bankrupt, this was positive news for Europe. European politicians told their citizens that this example shows how essential European integration really is. This would never happen in one of the EU member st
 Dutch collapse: Sign of the global geopolitical dislocation by Newropeans-Magazine
Conversations with Franck Biancheri, president Newropeans and Reinder Rustema, dutch member of Newropeans board Both internationnaly and domestically, the socio-political fabric of past decades is unravelling.
 We Europeans are all 'PIIGS' ...and Anglo-Saxons are 'Usuk' by Newropeans-Magazine
In the past few months, a “new” acronym has been increasingly blossoming in the Anglo-Saxon press: “PIIGS”
 The fake democracy of the citizens' initiative by Newropeans-Magazine
Soon, the real European direct democracy will start. The treaty of Lisbon includes the option of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI): European citizens can send a proposal to the European Commission to make a bill on a certain issue. Th
 Can the Dutch parliament prevent problems with snow? by Newropeans-Magazine
Last week, there was heavy snow in the Netherlands, the first time in several years. Travelling by public transport was never so difficult: the Dutch Railways (NS) advised travellers to stay home because NS could not guarantee that travellers w
 Stop interactive policy making! by Newropeans-Magazine
Why do I always have this strange feeling when people talk about interactive policy making? To me, it always seems very inefficient to talk with citizens about every plan that is made, to organise evenings where these plans are discussed, and t
 Todo por el Imperio, nada fuera del Imperio... by Newropeans-Magazine
Los actos forzados nunca son buenos ni convenientes. Y en los asuntos de la política, aún menos. A José María Aznar, siendo presidente del Gobierno, le “forzaron”, le “aconsejaron” o le “indicaron
 Surely this is not our own Abu Ghraib? by Newropeans-Magazine
Having just returned home from a consultancy trip, I came across a veritable plethora of articles in our broadsheets about claims that British soldiers in Basra - in the southern part of Iraq, not far from Kuwait - had recreated the torture condit
 Bargaining across borders - doing garment industry's dirty laundry by Newropeans-Magazine
Dictionary defines ‘shame’ as a painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt and embarrassment. One way to evoke this emotion is to read the results of the recent Norwegian study concerning the wages that the Western garm
 Attention tout s'accélère: Non à Blair! by Newropeans-Magazine
Non à Blair! Après la belle victoire du Oui, la présidence suédoise sort enfin de son mutisme et cela pour asséner un coup de plus sur la tête des citoyens européens, un peu abasourdis il faut l'avouer sur le cont
 Iraq: Teetering Between Hope & Despair! by Newropeans-Magazine
As is my wont of following the world news on some European channels, both radio and television, I was struck this week by the dearth of coverage about Iraq. Only one year ago, we would have been inundated with endless stories about what is occu
  Angela Merkel commemore, ou comment se faire reelire a  tout prix by Newropeans-Magazine
Angela Merkel, la "petite" mère, c'est ainsi que l'on parlait d'elle ce matin à la radio, certes un surnom dont elle a été affabulée depuis pas mal de temps. Femme à poigne, femme de con
 Conservative European policy: calculating the probability of disaster by Newropeans-Magazine
The British Conservatives have committed themselves to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty should they come to power before its EU-wide ratification is complete. The party’s outward resolution on the subject cannot disguise the private concern
 Somalia: failed state falls deeper by Newropeans-Magazine
Since 2005 the American think-tank Fund for Peace and the magazine Foreign Policy have published an annual failed state’s index, listing the worlds most vulnerable states facing the risk of a major collapse. For two years in a row,
 Roumanie : la crise fauchera le secteur agricole en septembre by Newropeans-Magazine
Comptant parmi les principales puissances agricoles de l’Union européenne, la Roumanie risque d’être pleinement touchée par la crise à partir de septembre. Pour les agriculteurs, les prêts sont devenus tr
 Populism - Time for a good conversation? by Newropeans-Magazine
A few weeks ago, the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders won the European elections. His Party for Freedom (PVV) will get four seats in the European Parliament. Dutch politicians condemn the anti-islam and anti-Europe views of Wilders, and
  Barroso: Qui ne tente rien... reste president by Newropeans-Magazine
En ces temps de crise économique, José Manuel Barroso pouvait être inquiet en présentant son bilan de ses 5 années passées comme Président de la Commission européenne. Heureusement pour lui, les chefs des
 [Dutch weeks] National interests or party ideology? Nobody knows by Newropeans-Magazine
An important question during the European elections is how the European Parliament really works: do MEPs focus on their national interests or on their party ideology? For voters, it is difficult to find out what
 European elections: the no-debate by Newropeans-Magazine
You know what, I was wondering why, why European elections have so few echo in the public opinion?Citizen are called to join discussion forums, debates, rallies, to blog, to chat, to twitter, to shout « can you hear me Eu
 European elections: the no-debate by Newropeans-Magazine
You know what, I was wondering why, why European elections have so few echo in the public opinion?
 European information officers should go back to school by Newropeans-Magazine
European information officers often complain about the lack of interest and knowledge about Europe among citizens. Their complaints show that these officers do not know how to communicate their messages in a conv
 Everyday conversations about Europe are more important than public meetings by Newropeans-Magazine
What would a European public sphere look like? Elites know the answer: in debate centers, public meetings are held about European issues. The value of these debates for the European public sphere is largely overe
 Do MEPs really want to make citizens more interested in the EU? by Newropeans-Magazine
The plea of several members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for more media coverage about the European Union does not make any sense. It shows that MEPs like to complain about the general disinterest in Europe, b
 European Information Society: Newropeans wants an avant-garde role for the EU by Newropeans-Magazine
 Une semaine allemande - Soucis sur l'économie allemande - L'heure de vérit by Newropeans-Magazine
On se préoccupe bien sûr de la situation de la Grèce, ces jours-ci, à Francfort et à Berlin. On se demande quelles seront les conséquences pour l'économie allemande de la r
 The Emperor's new clothes - EU's national governments facing the financial crisis by Newropeans-Magazine
The course of the global financial crisis is showing the real nature of EU's national governments and politicians.Like the emperor in Hans Christian Andersen’s tal
 Treasure Hunting by Newropeans-Magazine
Treasure hunting has become popular in Macedonia. Driven by lack of economic perspective and adventurism, treasure hunters crusade the country. They collect verbal records of old legends from village elderly, buy dusty maps in
 Chantiers arretes et prix de l'immobilier en chute libre : la crise est arrivee au Montenegro by Newropeans-Magazine
Il y a un an, les appartements se négociaient entre 7.000 et 10.000 euros le mètre carré dans les secteurs les plus prisés de la côte monténégrine. En périphérie de Budva, les prix
 European elections? Why European ? What's European about them? by Newropeans-Magazine
From June 4th to June 7th, the European voters of are called upon to elect the European Parliament in the 2009 European elections. Is that really so? Is there anything like „European elections“?
 La surveillance - Un paradoxe... by Newropeans-Magazine
En regardant Ripostes sur France 5, j'avais perdu, à un moment donné, la notion de l'espace. Je ne savais plus si je me trouvais en France ou en Roumanie. A vrai dire, j'aurais pu tout aus
 Secret UN-NATO Cooperation Declaration by Newropeans-Magazine
The United Nations considers it secret and, thus, hasn’t published it on its homepage; NATO is pleased to give you a copy upon request; NATO governments know about it; Western mainstream media have hardly mentioned it: t
 Baltic States - it's time to take the informational space in our hands! by Newropeans-Magazine
Most of the important events in the modern Lithuanian history are taking place during the cold season.  Those events in the most of occasions they played positive role in Lithuania’s development.  Let us begin with both declarat
 Chroniques d'Allemagne: une semaine allemande (20/11/2008) by Newropeans-Magazine
Chroniques d'Allemagne ou comment une semaine d'actualité allemande est croquée sous l'excellente plume analytique d'Edouard Husson, Maître de conférences et Directeur de recherches en H
 La victoire d'Obama, rassurer le monde que les US ne sont plus la 1ere puissance... by Newropeans-Magazine
C'est fait. Ils l'ont fait! Les américains ont fait ce que nous appelons le grand pas en avant, ils ont élu un président "démocratique", un président différent de tous ceux qui s
 A nudge or a wink? The British political class and the decline in moral values by Newropeans-Magazine
Politicians have been looking for ways to return moral values to British society. It’s kind of them to bother of course. Yet numerous commentators suggest that the political class’s own “moral compass
 Lebanon: Torn between War & Peace! by Newropeans-Magazine
It was not so very long ago that the majority of the Lebanese people celebrated joyfully the brokering of the Doha Agreement that promised to put an end to the interminable chapters of political and physical violence.
 [Canada] "Anglosphere", le "Zeitgeist" de la droite canadienne by Newropeans-Magazine
Il était une fois un pays, né de la politique coloniale du Royaume Uni, et qui a cherché quatre décennies durant à définir son autonomie au sein du concert des nations. C’était le Canad
 Grèce: les forêts du mont Hymette succombent à l’urbanisation d’Athènes by Newropeans-Magazine
Elle devait former un « poumon de verdure » au sein de la capitale grecque, mais la forêt du mont Hymette est en train de succomber à l’appétit vorace des promoteurs
 La globalisation est morte : vive l'inter-régionalisation! by Newropeans-Magazine
L'échec de la récente tentative de donner vie au fameux cycle de Doha marque en effet la fin d'une époque, celle de la globalisation telle qu'on l'a connue ces dernières décennies, cond
 Belgique, des newropeans qui s'ignorent by Newropeans-Magazine
Courrier Internartional (22/07/2008) - Le quotidien La Vanguar
 Fadela Amara denonce une fatwa... by Newropeans-Magazine
«C'est un véritable scandale, une vrai fatwa contre l'émancipation des femmes. J'ai cru que l'on parlait d'un verdict rendu à Kandahar» ...
 Et les Devoirs de l'Homme et du Citoyen ? by Newropeans-Magazine
Pour rassembler sur des valeurs fondamentales et envoyer un message aux autres nations et peuples des autres continents, il faut un projet fort pour motiver l’union et le rassemblement de nos 500 millions de citoyens et résidents europ
 L’avenir de l’Union européenne ne s’inscrit plus dans les traités by Newropeans-Magazine
Le Non des irlandais n’en finit pas de faire pleurer les chaumières oui-ouistes européennes.
 Liban: l'hypocrisie by Newropeans-Magazine
En écrivant, dans « Libertyvox », l’article Liban : le déshonneur, Monsieur Martin Birnbaum contribue aux mêmes désinformations publiées dans les médias occ
 Proposition concrète pour une politique européenne d’apprentissage des langues by Newropeans-Magazine
La gestion de la diversité linguistique est un des grands défis de la construction européenne ; elle se situe au cœur de ce qui fait office de devise de l’Europe : « Unie dans la diversité » (« In vari
 E-médias citoyens et élections européennes 2009 : un rendez-vous démocratique historique? by Newropeans-Magazine
Et si les élections européennes de Juin 2009 constituaient un moment historique privilégié pour l'affirmation des e-médias citoyens comme principaux organes de presse démocratique de ce d
 UE - Le quadrige des fées by Newropeans-Magazine
Si j’entends bien les médias il y a unanimité pour aller chercher la croissance qui nous manque, et investir massivement dans la recherche et dans la formation pour rentrer enfin dans la culture de l’inno
 Le mille vite del 'Vecchio Bazar' by Newropeans-Magazine
Il Vecchio Bazar è il cuore antico di Skopje. Oggi non è che un pallido residuo di ciò che era una volta, un po' sporco e polveroso, ma sempre effervescente e dinamico. E, come altre volte nella storia, aspe
 Après la stabilisation des Balkans, vers la balkanisation de l'UE by Newropeans-Magazine
Tout le processus d'élargissement de l’UE aux pays des Balkans tel qu’il est actuellement mené, et qui repose sur des chantages à l’intégration européenne, risque non seulem
 The next European Parliament's president is already chosen ... one year before the elections! by Newropeans-Magazine
Franck Biancheri's editorial last week was entitled: "Dans un an, il y aura des élections européennes et tous les partis po
 Dans un an, il y aura des elections europeennes et tous les partis politiques nationaux s'en foutent by Newropeans-Magazine
En Juin 2009, dans un peu plus d'un an donc, vont se tenir de nouvelles élections européennes qui permettent d'élire les représentants de 500 millions de citoyens européens au Parlement de l'Union europ
 Italy: the North rules again by Newropeans-Magazine
Berlusconi is back at Government, as all foreign media already noticed and underlined, with some not-really-hidden sarcasm about that political figure and the country's destiny: but that's not the point.
 Qui a dit que les Arabes sont d'accord pour ne pas etre d'accord? by Newropeans-Magazine
Qui a dit que les Arabes sont d’accord pour ne pas être d’accord ? Certes, division, échec, boycott, accusations et autres sont des adjectifs utilisés avant et après le
  Les deux portes du Moyen-Orient (1/3) by Newropeans-Magazine
Un regard historique peut clarifier les préceptes de liens ou de divergences qui ont pu donner lieu à l’état actuel dans lequel se trouvent le monde arabe et s
 I Parlamentari europei: un po' svogliati, a volte. E non tutti onesti by Newropeans-Magazine
Ogni tanto - un po' per curiosità, un po' per divertimento, un po' anche per senso del dovere - visito i siti delle istituzioni europee: è la parte più democratica e trasparente dell'UE, ed è a
 Future Consequences of Kosovo's Independence by Newropeans-Magazine
George Bush said that the US supported Kosovo's independence because his administration "believes it will bring peace." He may be the president of the most powerful country in the world, but he does not seem to know anything about c
 Balkanisation, un nom fourre-tout pour toutes les saisons? by Newropeans-Magazine
Le 25 janvier dernier, en s’exprimant au sujet de la réforme du système de recherche en France, Nicolas Sarkozy a fait recours à l’expression de « Balkanisation »... L’occasion de
 Nella politica italiana, tutto sembra cambiare senza che nulla cambi by Newropeans-Magazine
È incredibile come il quadro politico, in Italia, sembri evolvere di giorno in giorno: una serie vorticosa di annunci, contro-annunci, mosse e contromosse.
  A Bucarest by Newropeans-Magazine
Le Sommet de l'OTAN à Bucarest en Avril prochain marquera probablement la réforme de cette institution datant de la guerre froide. Le rapport de 152 pages rédigé par des ex-chefs d'états-majors va dans ce sens, l
 Europa ed energia: un altro fallimento alle porte? by Newropeans-Magazine
La condivisione delle risorse energetiche è una delle pietre angolari sulle quali l’edificio europeo fu eretto, nella consapevolezza che proprio la contesa di quelle risorse era stata tra le cause principali dei devastanti conflitti
 Gaza: Premier etat independant de l'islamisme arabo-sunnite by Newropeans-Magazine
En Juin 2007, Masha Loyak écrivait: Gaza : Premier état indépendant de l’islamisme arabo-sunnite... la donne au Moyen Orient en est fondamentalement changée... Que va-t-il ressortir de cette nouvelle donne ? C’e
  Demokratie als Zukunftsprojekt by Newropeans-Magazine
Zum zweiten Mal führte die Bertelsmann-Stiftung dieser Tage ihre große Umfrage durch, in der rund 9000 Personen in neun Staaten um ihre Einschätzung der internationalen Machtverhältnisse heute und in Zukunft gebeten wurden.
 La Slovenie; Presidente de l'Union europeenne? Ah bon ce n'est pas Sarkozy? by Newropeans-Magazine
Depuis le 1er janvier 2008 et jusqu'au 30 juin 2008 c'est la Slovénie qui oeuvre aux destinées européennes. On aimerait bien préciser la « petite » Slovénie, tant sa prise de fonction s'est faite
 Schengen: entrano altri nove Paesi, tra qualche "evviva", "se", "ma" e molto, molto... "sssht" by Newropeans-Magazine
Da ragazzino, amavo le frontiere: passare la dogana mostrando la mia bella carta d'identità, avere in tasca monete straniere (che collezionavo)... Oggi, che ho un passaporto e viaggio più spesso e pi
 Chile is in no position to give pension reform advice by Newropeans-Magazine
Since its inception in 1981, over a quarter of a century ago, Chile's private pension fund system (the AFPs), has attracted a lot of international attention, mainly as a "great pioneering success".
 Grece: mobilisation de la rue contre la reforme du regime des retraites by Newropeans-Magazine
Devant les initiatives de Costas Karamanlis, le Premier ministre grec, qui souhaite réformer rapidement le régime des retraites, la société grecque se mobilise. D’importantes manifestations sont prévues le mercred
  Etats-Unis, Iran, Syrie... C'est la victoire! by Newropeans-Magazine
Depuis plusieurs mois le monde étonné voit l'Iraq se calmer, comme par miracle. Bientot certains GIs pourront rentrer chez eux. C'est une victoire américaine, mais aussi syrienne et iranienne, car la Syrie a été
 Croatie: quel sera le poids des jeunes dans les prochaines élections? by Newropeans-Magazine
La Croatie compte près de sept cent mille électeurs de moins de 30 ans. Quelle sera leur mobilisation et auront-ils un rôle décisif lors des élections législatives du 25 novembre prochain ? Pas
  Solo giornalisti precari nelle televisioni pubbliche by Newropeans-Magazine
Della morte di Enzo Biagi - uno dei grandi nomi del giornalismo italiano - si è parlato e stra-parlato, e quindi non è il caso che mi impegni anch'io nell'ennesimo peana o a tesserne le lodi. A
  Libia: accordo con l'Ue, silenzio sui crimini by Newropeans-Magazine
ROMA, 18 settembre 2007 - "Abbiamo ottenuto oggi il mandato per andare avanti sulla fornitura di materiale alla Libia per un sistema di sorveglianza elettronica delle sue frontiere sud": lo ha detto oggi il ministr
 Pour votre sante, attention a l'abus de Bruxelles! by Newropeans-Magazine
Etes-vous beurre ou margarine ? Régulièrement de hautes autorités se penchent sur votre assiette et s'inquiètent de votre santé
 Renan Calheiros: a redencao da politica brasileira by Newropeans-Magazine
Caros amigos,A nossa secção Lengua Invitada evolui para um portal Trans-Ibérico, e estamos felizes de apresentar-vos o nosso primeiro artigo em português do nosso parceiro "Revista Autor"...
 2007 Newropeans Democracy Marathon by Newropeans-Magazine
This is to inform that Franck Biancheri, who has been the first and funding president of AEGEE Europe, and has largely contributed to the launching of
 Liban : Mensonge des grands, hypocrisie des petits by Newropeans-Magazine
L’enquête internationale, sur le meurtre du Président du Conseil Rafic Hariri, n’a pu trouver aucun suspect sérieux, malgré deux ans de dur labeur et des dépenses énormes que le pauvre contribuable liba
 Restauration : TVA 5.5 % - Sarkozy l'a Promis by Newropeans-Magazine
Lors de la campagne électorale des élections présidentielles françaises de 2002, Jacques CHIRAC avait promis une TVA à 5.5 pour la restauration, avant la fin de son futur
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