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 Xenia is What We Need by Doug McGill
I spent a little time recently trying to dream up a name for my new weekly column in the Twin Cities Daily Planet. I tried to distill in my mind the most essential and useful work
 Police Behavior In St Paul by The Ovi Team
To My News Media Colleagues,In the aftermath of the arrest of over 40 members of the news media in St Paul, and the general disrespect and manhandling of countless other members of the media it has become apparent that in St Paul th
 Breaking News or SAD NEWS?Breaking News or SAD NEWS? by Abdulhadi Hairan
Being a working journalist in the area which is badly affected by both terrorism and the war against terrorism, I have seen that today’s irresponsible media is doing nothing but strengthening terrorists
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 Media in Afghanistan Before and After the TalibanMedia in Afghanistan Before and After the Taliban by Abdulhadi Hairan
Taliban, as a militant group, emerged in Kandahar in 1994 and captured more than half the provinces including capital Kabul in less than two years. When the Taliban appeared, they claimed that they wanted to bring peace to the
 Medien in der Friedensbildung und Konfliktvermeidung Bericht über Global Media Forum by Leila Dregger
Was können Medien und Journalisten tun, um Friedensbildung weltweit zu unterstützen? Die Deutsche Welle lud zu dieser Frage zu einem weiteren „Global Media Forum“ ein, und fast 900 internationale Medienschaffende, aber au
 Sometimes, Journalism Stops Free Speech by Doug McGill
The central theme of this talk has been how journalism's weak ethics tradition hampers its ability to adapt and evolve in today's globally interdependent world. Journalists define ethics almost exclusively
 The Buddha, the Dharma and the Media by Doug McGill
There is an old interviewing trick journalists use to get people to say things far more intimate than they planned to reveal. The trick wo
 My Language Crimes at The New York Times by Doug McGill
Journalism has much to be humble about, but one special area where journalists need to tread with special diffidence and without mindless stomping is language.
 The True Promise of Citizen Journalism by Doug McGill
It was never easy being a journalist, but it’s especially tough these days. A journalist today not only must get the color of the man’s hat
 Letters from Istanbul: Media, Turban and Ban by Europe & Us
9h20. Phone’s calling. “Mr. Nonnenmacher? Hi, I’m Irem from the Turkish Daily News. I had to pick you up at your hotel. I’m sorry but i’ll be 10 to 15 minutes late. Trafic is horrible today”. Just time for a
 Stop coverage of terrorist activitiesStop coverage of terrorist activities by Abdulhadi Hairan
All of us are aware of the importance of media in prevailing political and geographical situation and know also about the day-to-day events of terror across the world. By nature, human being i
 What I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists by Doug McGill
Three years ago, I started teaching basic journalism skills to citizens in community education classes in Minneapolis. Since then I’ve taught about a hundred ordinary folks – school teachers, governmen
 Why Can't Journalism Talk About Its Own Morals? by Doug McGill
As the New Year rolls in like an inexorable tide, I have watched the elections, done some reading and made a resolution as a journalist, as a citizen, and as a guy.It's a resolution about, um, morality. It'
 The Bright Side to Britney's Breakdown by Doug McGill
When I turned on the CBS Early Show this morning, oh, what a sight! Britney Spears was being hounded by paparazzi! When that poor young woman got out of her car she was swarmed by dozens – dozens! -- of sickenin
 iBite by Asa Butcher
The Malaysian carmaker Proton has announced plans to develop an "Islamic car", designed for Muslim motorists. The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep
 Stop the Press...Cut! by Asa Butcher
It may be ten years, it could be five, but one day Hollywood will decide to film the Ovi story in a big budget, special effects laden extravaganza that will sweep the board at that year's Academy Awards. Thanos w
 Scraping the barrel by Asa Butcher
Barack Hussein Obama has a foreign-sounding name, so what? Oh yes, I forgot, we are living in the period of unbridled paranoia and frightening idiocy, which means that anything or anybody different from apple pie Ame
 Take me! I'm FREE! by FREE! Magazine
A quick intro from the Ovi Team:As many of you know, Thanos and Asa live in Helsinki, which is where the soul of Ovi magazine also resides. Online, we are an international magazine that reaches almost 100 countries, while outside our fr
 Art is life by Alexandra Pereira
With its first edition in the winter of 2006 and the next issue announced for February 2007, this innovative free arts magazine is an event to applaud! The artist Bruno Maximus is the editor-in-chief of Gallery
 Politkovskaya's dead Russia by Thanos Kalamidas
What's really is going in Russia over the last few years is a big mystery. Not that anybody knew what was going on before, but at least we had an idea. It seems that glasnost, Gorbachev's transparency, has some
 Editorial: Reporters have a duty by The Ovi Team
Pay attention to what you are going about to read: On October 7th 2006 three reporters were killed - two in Afghanistan and one in Russia. On the very same day at a memorial in Bayeux, northern France, the reporting
 Mrs. Oriana Fallaci by Thanos Kalamidas
For days I have been thinking of an editorial, but having things constantly in movement and adding new things to the Ovi magazine all the time I’ve kept leaving it for later. However, that was till I read some sa
 Littering environment and brains by Thanos Kalamidas
Six months ago we had the conversation for a printed Ovi magazine. We actually went so far to create a test layout and collect prices that we found surprising low, despite all the negative advice we heard from former
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