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 How will Malaysian universities fare with massive budget cuts? by Murray Hunter
 Sleeping with great books: a child's recollection by Dr. Azly Rahman
 Where is the Messiah Malaysians need? by Dr. Azly Rahman
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 Why Malaysian universities are performing poorly by Murray Hunter
 Entrepreneurial options for youth unemployment: Turning the informal sector into an idea economy in Malaysia by Murray Hunter
 Rampant academic dishonesty is destroying Malaysia's soul by Murray Hunter
 Malaysia in political stalemate by Murray Hunter
 Cabals, Feudalism, and Apartheid:Will these institutions damn Malaysia's future prosperity?" by Murray Hunter
 How bureaucracy is destroying Malaysia's agricultural sector by Murray Hunter
 Seeking a new vision for Malaysia by Ovi Magazine Guest
 Mandela's passing brings renewed focus on insidious apartheid system in Malaysia by Joe Fernandez
 Buyer Beware in the Malaysian Franchise Industry by Murray Hunter
 Why the Pakatan Rakyat does not deserve to be the Federal Government by Murray Hunter
 The Malayan Plot against Sabah, Sarawak in Malaysia thickens! by Joe Fernandez
 FaceBook Malaysia is the place to murder the English language by Joe Fernandez
 Federal Constitution sets the limit for 'racism' in Malaysia by Joe Fernandez
 Jeffrey Kitingan on secession of Sabah, Sarawak from Malaysia not a threat by Joe Fernandez
COMMENT We have to know where veteran Borneo rights activist Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, a former political detaine
 International Forum 2013 - Expectation Vs Reality by The Ovi Team
 Malaysia: Desperately needing a new national narrative by Murray Hunter
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