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 Dumbing down by Jan Sand
One of the most revered quotations of the American President Lincoln indicates that the people cannot be fooled indefinitely. It intimates that there is a basic wisdom in the general populace of a nation which will discover, in the long run, an
 Power of illusion and illusion of power by Jan Sand
Although this pattern repeats itself regularly throughout history, the earliest occurrence of power illusion in my memory was the French Maginot line. It was a line of forts and bunkers and underground passages at the border between France and Ger
 The delights of uncertainty by Jan Sand
A very uncomfortable proportion of humanity is unsure about when and where their next meal may appear. An equally large number, if not more, are concerned about even more fundamental circumstances of their survival and the well being of their l
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 Eviralla on korvat by Matti Ripatti
Tätä jälkiteollista ihmisten yhteiseloa on joskus kutsuttu tarinayhteiskunnaksi, mutta paremmin sitä taitaisi kuvata sana eleyhteiskunta tai näköissivilisaatio. Se, miltä maailma näyttää julkisu
 State of lies by Bohdan Yuri
We have been living in a state of lies ever since Bush assumed the Presidency. Granted all administrations have lied at some level, but the trend in this administration has spread like a cancerous plague, leaving no one safe from the Republican vi
 The melting of our Hopes by Mirage
One of the remaining six ice shelves in Arctic, which is over 4.000 years old, separated from the land during the summer of 2005. NASA and the scientific community knew it since then, but made their announcement only 16 months later because the
 My spaghetti global warming by Thanos Kalamidas
It is January and I’m writing from Helsinki, Finland. I live just a few thousand kilometers from the North Pole and less than a thousand from the Arctic Circle; it is only weeks since Santa Claus supposedly made his trip on his sleigh and
 Hanging loose or up tight by Jan Sand
This is not exactly in praise of the slob. Nor do I precisely feel the control freak has his head totally up his ass. But there is something to be said both in favor of and in condemnation of each in turn. There is a spectrum in this category o
 Meanie Mummy by Asa Butcher
Chocolate, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, crisps and fizzy drinks will win over most children’s affection in the time it takes a dentist to say, “Brush twice a day!” However, at what age should children be allowed to sample the sug
 An aboriginal victory by Thanos Kalamidas
It always makes me happy reading on the news something like the following: An aboriginal tribe in Australia has won joint control of world heritage-listed rainforests in a major land rights claim. The deal covers 6,000 square kilometers in New Sou
 Darfur is first priority by Amin George Forji
In accordance with the established tradition of the UN, the body’s new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon officially started his tenure on January 1st, 24-hours after his predecessor, Kofi Annan, stepped down. Since New Year’s Day is a U
 Shift in American politics by Thanos Kalamidas
So, what’s really going on in America? Is this the beginning of the end or a new era all together? When it comes to American politics we are looking at them from Europe, but there is more than an ocean separating us, This not only relates wi
 City reminiscenceCity reminiscence by Jan Sand
In New York long agoWhen nickel coffee reigned,Above Third AvenueOn bulky structures, stainedRusty orange like old teeth,The rumbled roar of the elFlattened conversation down benea
 Ovi nominated for Grands Prix award by The Ovi Team
Two years of hard work has been generously recognised by the jury of the prestigious Newropeans Magazine via their annual awards whose list of past winners include Eurosport, the European Space Agency, EUobser
 Adieu Kofi Annan by Amin George Forji
As the New Year begins, so does a new era for the world’s governing body, the United Nations Organization (UNO). Kofi Annan has stepped down and has been succeeded by South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon as the new world’s top administrat
 Merry Christmas everybody! by The Ovi Team
Before writing this wish and before deciding what we are going to do with our cover pages for the last week before Christmas, I have to admit that Asa and I often thought about our multicultural society and misunders
 Two candles: Make a wish!Two candles: Make a wish! by Thanos K & Asa B
Two years old; can you believe it! Thanos and Asa certainly can’t, which is why they have produced this birthday issue PDF. Contained within these pages are all t
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