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You search by tag - Love

 Generation Love by Vesa Kuosmanen
Hi there!I recently edited a one-minute version of an animated documentary, "Generation Love", and have been looking for places to show it on.If you want to have a look, here's a link to the film:
 A Healthy Argument by Asa Butcher
There is a sage piece of advice often handed out to newly-weds: Don't go to sleep on an argument. I totally agree, especially since it is far comfier to go to sleep on a bed. Seriously, according to recent research, it now appears that the adv
 "movin' on" by Bohdan Yuri
A broken heart is in the playWhen lovers fallInto a deadly game.We're crying For a different cause,Right or wrongIt's just the same. Tears at night
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 A presidential companion by Thanos Kalamidas
What is more tempting to write about: Mr. Sarkozy’s divorce or Mikhail Gorbachev’s return to politics with a new political movement in Russia? I will try to avoid the semantics and similarities in both cases but let’s see what ma
 Dinner For Misfits: Part 2 by C.J. Michaels
The tables are small and space is cramped, so it’s fortunate that my companions do not include the large women from the bar. One end is dominated by a younger version of Woody Allen sitting next to a Renée Zellweger look-alike, who is g
 Dinner For Misfits: Part 1 by C.J. Michaels
Last time I attended a Spanish-themed singles dinner at La Tasca, I went dancing, collected three phone numbers and woke up with a beautiful South American who graced my apartment for the weekend.It’s with the memory of
 Fly Me To The Moon: Part Two by C.J. Michaels
CLICK HERE TO READ PART TWO It seems that Deirdra’s musical taste is similar to mine and she’s chosen some of the same songs. “Dance with me,” she says, when Sum
 The Rainbow Nation by Amin George Forji
South Africa has set a new precedence on the African continent, with lawmakers in the country's upper house of parliament in Cape Town overwhelmingly voting in favour of the controversial Civil Union Bill to lega
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