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 The Greatest Miracle of All by Jack Wellman
There are miracles that are far greater than the parting the Red Sea (or Reed Sea as some scholars and archaeologists claim), more awesome than making the Sun stand still, more earth shattering than the Walls of Jericho falling. It is the miracle
 A Freed Voice in the Wilderness by Leah Sellers
All pride aside. A Moment of Clarity, some would call weakness - self-pity. Perhaps, it is - perhaps, it isn’t. The Moment is here, nonetheless.The Clarity? I See how differently people View me (perceive me, react to me) i
 Left-handiness issues by Thanos Kalamidas
Left handed my self and victim of bulling even from teachers when I was young – 60s was not always sex and drugs and rock & roll. As a result even though I do everything with my left hand I write with my right thanks to “progres
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 Interpretation by David Sparenberg
And he said, “There be some standing here which shall not taste of death” (for death shall not come in bitterness, nor cast his shadow on the face in familiar forms of fear) “till they see” (for the soul is seeing, is a gra
 The Dark Side of the Universe by Jack Wellman
When other boys were reading comic books, and some (if they got lucky) a National Geographic, if done nonchalantly and without blushing cheeks. But as for me, I have never gotten over the ask-itis that I have had since a child. I would instead
 "Endless and Eternal" by David Barger
The Day in all her beautyFavored the NightWith his calm collectedAtmospheric nature.Overall she liked the wayHe presented himself;How with only his touchHe could set everyone’sMin
 "Crucified Children" by David Sparenberg
After a long silence, the women answered: "The most important thing that anyone could do would be to help collect the bodies that line the streets in front of our homes every morning. No one dares to touch them, but for us it is
 "Not Fluent In Bird Language" by David Barger
Spring envelops the harshness of winterCollecting its place among sprouting stemsEncouraging small flowers to take growthGently nudging twigs to open their buds,And life begins with no remembranceOf the
 Dragon My Kindred by David Sparenberg
“The Universe is a Green Dragon.” -Brian Swimme   Something of beauty moved above me. Yet when I looked, it was my shadow soaring in the sky.  Who can tell me what this mystery is?
 Space is the Final Frontier, or maybe Simplicity is the Final Frontier by Linda Lane
Hi Dad,One day at our favorite little coffee s
 Senses and Sensibilities: Changing Perceptions by Saberi Roy
Sense perceptions are probably the most important condition of being alive as we live because we perceive and vice versa. ‘Living is perceiving’ and perceiving provides awareness of the state of the world around us and the senses form
 Think not! by Jack Wellman
The recent report by the National Academy of Sciences and its Institute of Medicine almost demands that evolution alone should be taught as the explanation of life. It does not address the origin of matter which makes life possible. But some advoc
 Paper Tiger by Valerie Sartor
I am a woman who is easily duped. Moving to Beijing drilled this character defect into me after months of being tricked, cheated and laughed at by my Chinese landlord. It all started when I came to Beijing, China's capital city, late last sum
 My Cancer and The Others by Thanos Kalamidas
If I'd written about World Cancer Day a few years ago it would have been quite different from my thoughts today and I would have definitely focused more upon the stats and the warnings. I would definitely have overlooked the human part, but
 Is there a way we can become immortals?Is there a way we can become immortals? by Joseph Gatt
I remember a case when an old man put his dead wife in a freezer instead of burying her. He thought science would one day be able to resuscitate her. That sparked a debate concerning whether or not we could one day become immortals.
 Killing with Kindness by Jan Sand
There is currently a debate in the US Supreme Court on the best way to kill people condemned to death. There are those that propose that death sentences are, by their very nature, cruel and there is no way to mitigate the ultimate goal. Legal syst
 Life Was Never So FearfulLife Was Never So Fearful by Abdulhadi Hairan
\'Life is precious\'. This is what I have heard and read my whole life. Of course, every human being should be respected and every life should be saved. But then came this era of terror in which the human life is not considered worth of anythin
 Why? by Alexandra Pereira
Why do these things happen, why is life so unfair, why do people we love and ourselves do shit, why we can't cover it, why it hurts, why, why, why? Why we can't help that our loved ones suffer, why we hurt them ourselv
 Gang bangers by Richard Berman
When I was at school over 12 years ago there were many kids that used to hang around together in groups of 10 or 20 around the southwest of London where I was brought up. My school was safe and we never had any problems, only a few old ladies who
 Fat or thin by Richard Berman
There is so much information out these days about how to make yourself look good, so many products that you can buy to get your weight down, so why are there still problems of people dying from being obese?I have always been a
 I don't feel like dancing by Richard Berman
Music has changed throughout the years, but at the same time the oldies are still alive, and played at the local disco on a nightly basis. This week sees Dancing We
 Evolution of Memes by Jan Sand
Way back when our prime common forbear lounged in a tide pool of tepid water, this blob of snot became upset by the windy to and fro that whacked it repeatedly and decided to hang onto a good sized pebble to fend off whatever dizziness it was capa
 Generalities by Jan Sand
There are some statements that shoot themselves in the foot, such as: “This sentence is a lie.” If it is, it isn’t and if it isn’t, it is. Another is: “All generalities are false including this one.” However, a
 Jane of Thought: A teeny-tiny feeling by Jane Eagle
Every now and then I’m seized with an overwhelming urge to write, so I sit before my laptop screen, take a sip of my hot tea, my refreshing juice, my anything, set my fingers in motion and that’s when it hits me: I can’t think of
 Garages, Wozniak and my son by Jan Sand
Just the other day I heard an interview with Steve Wozniak on a National Public Radio Science Friday broadcast. He and Steve Jobs were the two Steves that innocently slipped that tiny wedge under civilization around
 The Tinker Bell effect by Jan Sand
The dreams of centuries ranging from the old tale of Daedalus and Icarus through the efforts of DaVinci, Cayley, Stringfellow, Lilienthal and finally, the Wright Brothers is routinely realized today as thousands of huge gleaming metal monsters, we
 Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #2 by Rob Jenkinson
Well summer is finally here in the Midwest USA. It took a couple of false starts, but we’re finally here. A few things have surprised me about the Am
 $1 million lesson! by F. A. Hutchison
A recent title to an editorial in 'China Daily,' probably the most widely read English-speaking publication in China: 'As we get wealthier, do we get happier?' I read the editorial (in the February 11-12th edi
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