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 Lebanon: Torn between War & Peace! by Newropeans-Magazine
It was not so very long ago that the majority of the Lebanese people celebrated joyfully the brokering of the Doha Agreement that promised to put an end to the interminable chapters of political and physical violence.
 Overjoyed Lebanon by Thanos Kalamidas
And it came to that…one dead student in Beirut at the very same time foreign donors have pledged nearly 7.5bn euros in aid and loans for Lebanon in a conference in Paris - the biggest pledges came from Saudi Arabia, US, France and the EU. Th
 The destiny of a family by Thanos Kalamidas
The involvement of the Syrian regime in Lebanon is uncontrollable and it goes as far to kill a minister. Of course, following its usual policy the Syrian regime has already stated that they have nothing to do with th
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 Rob Jenkinson's Letters from America #4 by Rob Jenkinson
Before moving over here, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get into any political discussions as I knew I wouldn’t like the opinions of a lot of people here. It’s true, I don’t like the opinions of a lot of people; in fact,
 History repeating? by Dimitrios Kontopodis
The previous invasion by the Israeli army into Lebanon was launched on June 6 1982. Although the political situation in Lebanon was very different back then, there are some interesting similarities between the two invasions, and it seems possib
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