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 Coming in From the Cold: UN Membership Needed for the Phantom Republics by Rene Wadlow
"The Phantom Republics" has been the name given to the states demanding the status of independence after the break up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union: Abkhazia, Chechenya, Kosovo, Nagrono-Karabakh, South Ossetia and Transnistra. The c
 Perhaps a cancer in Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
There is something that I have often emphasized, that Africa or south-east Asia are very far away in our minds, much more than they are in reality, and we have connected the embarrassing acts of our times, like human and drug trafficking, with th
 Kosovo's cannibalism by Thanos Kalamidas
For years I keep saying that we should not be naïve and believe that in a civil war like the one that happened in the former Yugoslavia there are good guys and bad guys, since the truth is that there were a lot of times I felt very lonely or
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 Future Consequences of Kosovo's Independence by Newropeans-Magazine
George Bush said that the US supported Kosovo's independence because his administration "believes it will bring peace." He may be the president of the most powerful country in the world, but he does not seem to know anything about c
 Kosovo : Peut-on empecher la partition? by Europe & Us
Le jour où le Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU a cessé de prendre en charge la question du statut du Kosovo, en raison d'une menace de veto russe, le Groupe de contact (comprenant l’Allem
 Slobodan Milosevic: The Dividing Spirit by Rene Wadlow
A friend, Albert Tevoedjre, at the time President of the African Student Union in France and later government minister of the Republic of Benin, had suggested that African countries put up statues to Adolf Hitler, fo
 The rise and fall by Thanos Kalamidas
Watching what this American administration is doing internationally you have to think that the general attitude is …screw them! We are going to do whatever we like and let the next administration deal with the aftermath; after all, it is not
 Hot Heads and Cold Wars by Jack Wellman
"We, the democratically elected leaders of our people, hereby declare Kosovo to be an independent and sovereign state," the Parliament’s proclamation read. One would have thought Kosovo was celebrating a new year, but perhaps more
 Kosovo: Pandora's Box opened by Thanos Kalamidas
Imagine that the Sami parliament decides in the next few days that they have had enough of being mistreated and misunderstood by the Finnish government so they decide that within a two month period they are going to declare their independence from
 Kosovo and the Phantom Republics by Rene Wadlow
Martti Ahtisaari, the Finnish mediator for the United Nations on Kosovo, withheld his suggestions for the next steps in Kosovo until after the late January elections in Serbia. As the status of Kosovo, still part of Serbia but functioning as a
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