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You search by tag - Japan

 FUKUSHIMA - A Protest Monologue by David Sparenberg
There is a scene in Bram Stoker’s Dracula which is, for me, the most frightening.  It is not a depiction of the vampire’s infernal, blood lusting eyes, of the vampire’s gore dripping fangs and death mask fixation, or even
 The Pornographic Aftershock: Earthquake in Japan by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
It was only last month that Japanese experts well versed in the palliative arts of rescue were sent to Christchurch in New Zealand to help in the aftermath of a disastrous earthquake.  The earthquake remains Japan’s permanent shadow.
 100 years of Japanese immigration in Brazil by Alexandra Pereira
On June 18th 2008, Brazil celebrates 100 years of Japanese immigration that began with the arrival of the Kasato Maru ship, which departed from Kobe to the port of Santos with 165 Japanese families aboard
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 Japan's environmental worries by Thanos Kalamidas
Whatever logic I use I cannot understand it when countries like Japan seriously announce that they are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 to 80% but all that by the year 2050! This is two generations from now and I presume my grandkids
 The Japanese Founding Myth by Alexandra Pereira
Japan is an incredibly rich country in poetic myths and legends, many of these derived from folk tales, Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. The majority of them were recorded in the Kojiki or “Book of Ancient Things”, the oldest chronic
 Eyes on Asia by Valerie Sartor
When the western world looks at Asia most people, particularly Americans, focus their gaze on China. Rightly so: the country has made remarkable economic strides, with average annual growth rates in excess of 9 per cent over the past two decades.
 A sumo mountain by Thanos Kalamidas
However strange it may sound, out of my Japanese experiences what I enjoyed the most is sumo and after so many years I still watch it every time I have the chance! As a fan of football and classic sports, I never really liked boxing or wrestling.
 Lisn to Finland: Seven Designers - One Sense by Lisn
Albeit geographically distant, Japan and Finland have always taken a great mutual interest in the culture of the other. During the autumn of 2007, these two cultures will have an encounter titled as “Lisn to Finl
 Abe go home by Thanos Kalamidas
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did it again while being questioned whether South Korean women were forced to become sex slaves during World War II saying, “There's no evidence to prove there was coercion.” Of course, the South
 Abe's Japanese Dark Ages by Thanos Kalamidas
I read it and I couldn’t believe it. So I read it repeatedly to realize what it was saying. A minister from Japan dared – that’s the mildest word I can come with – to say that women are “birth-giving machines
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