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 Problems of UnderestimationProblems of Underestimation by Jan Sand
When I was a kid, which was quite a few years ago, I visited a dentist quite often. In those days children were considered not quite up to basic adult standards. The dental drill, commensurate with today\'s high-speed
 Just an Ordinary Djo by Jan Sand
When the Robots of Japan Erotic Resources (commonly known as "Rojers") created the Dildos Japan Objects (commonly known as "Djos") it was an honest attempt to be helpful for the growing number of frustrated males in the burgeon
 "Playground Story" by Jan Sand
When Hugh is highLew is low.Their seesaw sees That this is soAnn clings tightTo her swingShe laughs and shouts,She likes to sing.She shouts when she Swings up hig
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 Blaming the Instrument by Jan Sand
If a door bangs you in the face as you try to enter a room you might have an impulse to bang it back. A bear or a chimpanzee might feel the same way, but humanity should, it seems to me, should be able to exercise a bit more considered restraint.
 There's Somebody In There by Jan Sand
A good many of us grow up with an inherent feeling that animals are just funny shaped people. Walt Disney made his fortune capitalizing on that sense but it certainly is not a novel human emotion. I'm sure it sta
 This Lonely Planet by Jan Sand
No doubt Photoshop or similar creative graphic procedures have been quite busy these latter years popping alien extraterrestrial visitors into YouTube for general perusal but the actual thing seems yet to genuinely appear. The universe is well sup
 Functional Terrorism by Jan Sand
Humanity is capable of many horrible things and a good many of them are totally insane and without any sensible reward. The unfortunate quality of terrorism, whatever its origins and results, is that it is very frequently effective.
 The Janitorial Outlook by Jan Sand
The concept of democracy, in one form or another, has been around for a very long time and in its early manifestation in Ancient Greece it has been denigrated for being based on slavery.
 Being Prepared by Jan Sand
Although Iraq is the likeliest current place to get whacked these days there is a chronological Baghdad that we all eventually enter where time takes its final potent pot-shots. After the age of 80, interest intensifies in seeing who has been the
 My Lady Rabbit by Jan Sand
Who can tell what thoughts might dwellWithin the shell of her pointed skullWho's main function is to pivot those long jawsWith which, no pause, she gnaws all things proximate?Her adventure
 Gehry Doubts by Jan Sand
I went through the formal training for the discipline of industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York from 1954 to 1959. It was a fascinating and revealing experience and, for me, emotionally and intellectually it was something of a
 Prospects by Jan Sand
The Ancient Greeks had, as one of their many noteworthy talents, the capability to either fabricate or bring to notice characters that have persisted in literature's memory for millennia. They stick in the mind b
 "Vernal Process" by Jan Sand
The cold is gone,The Spring's begunAnd life begins to spill from timeIn green cascades.Miniscule eagernessesCoalesce from rain and airTo gobble up the energiesPouri
 The Ghost Monument by Jan Sand
In lower Manhattan there is a huge empty space that hovers over this overexcited city, a double column of nothingness that puts quotation marks on the beginning of an evaluation our world culture that still is unfinished in its statement.
 Not If But When by Jan Sand
Just recently a prediction by astronomers that an asteroid has a reasonable chance of coming close to Earth in 2029 indicates how precise orbital calculations have become. It will hit (if it does), so I have heard, significantly on a Friday the 13
 Proliferation of Fakes by Jan Sand
A current report indicates that the fake medicine business is prospering and soon will be worth many billions of dollars. These are medicines that can be either new unknown brands that are ineffective or substances with no or harmful medical capa
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