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 Sarah Palin looking for a job in internet by Thanos Kalamidas
Browsing the news a small note in a news-blog really hit me and I had to stop and think about it; Sarah Palin, you must remember the former American vice president nominee, has joined the internet social but mainly job connection network, Linke
 Who's afraid of the bloggers? by Thanos Kalamidas
Lately I notice in the news politicians and governments announcing their efforts to control the blogs in the internet, for example in Italy there is a whole talk about the blogs and even Facebook with an MP calling the blogs and the social network
 Spynet Dalai Lama by Thanos Kalamidas
Tom Clancy, the famous author of the Dr. Ryan series of spy books, started including in his books computer spying or better computer hacking for governments in the early-nineties; actually, in one of the latest novels of the Ryan saga the American
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 Space is the Final Frontier, or maybe Simplicity is the Final Frontier by Linda Lane
Hi Dad,One day at our favorite little coffee s
 Ovi apologises by The Ovi Team
Ovi apologises for the delay in publishing today's content and regrets any emotional distress this may have caused any of our readers. The circumstances were beyond even our omnipotent control as both the Ovi editors fell vi
 Jane of Thought: Psycholove by Jane Eagle
 Does the Internet make us more Intelligent but less Human? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
For more than a decade now we educated people of our global village have been spending a lot of time online, searching and surfing and sometimes adding to the great databases of the Internet. The Web has been a godsend to writers. Research that on
 Beijing Bedouins by Valerie Sartor
Modern technological gadgets: young people love them and older people are trying to get used to them. For my grandmother cars represented the height in mobility; for me watching television and later riding in a Bo
 A General Critic of a Hyper-Materialistic Society by Alexandra Pereira
Of course, we could talk about paedophile networks and murders ordered via internet, as well as terrorism, terrorists and their marketing campaigns or (why not?) politics, politicians and their marketing campaigns, multinationals and their marketi
 International Conference on the Creative Industries and Intellectual Property: Day 2 by Sofia Gkiousou
Another good day in London and again I descended upon the Birkbeck Clore Management Centre – in the heart of Bloomsbury, London – to watch the proceedings of the
 International Conference on the Creative Industries and Intellectual Property: Day 1 by Sofia Gkiousou
It’s one of those rare sunny days in London (well, not really rare now with global warming and everything) and I’m sitting in the Birkbeck Clore Management Centre – in the heart of Bloomsbury, Londo
 War and peace in the virtual worldWar and peace in the virtual world by Joseph Gatt
I first had a computer with internet connection in 1995. At that time there was no Messenger, no Wikipedia, resources were very scarce, and only famous international organizations had websites. Chatting was also becoming popular, but internet c
 Stolen Identity by Jack Wellman
One thing that really disturbs me are those unseen predators, like thieves in the night, who refuse to make an honest living and instead steal another person’s name and identity, doing great harm to both. Even janitorial work or being a sani
 The clash of civilizations on FacebookThe clash of civilizations on Facebook by Joseph Gatt
One of the most interesting features on Facebook, the internet’s most popular social networking website, is the ability to join social groups. Though Facebook administrators try to censor abusive comments, it sometimes has the features of
 SpamSpam by Joseph Gatt
Ever since I first opened an email account about ten years ago, I received tons of spam. I’ll share their contents with you.I have accumulated around 2,000 years of good luck ahead of me for forwarding spams. I also g
 PR lessons for the uninitiated by Sofia Gkiousou
It seems that the knives are out in the PR industry and it’s all going to pot. And all because a magazine editor blacklisted some PR e-mail addresses.
 International Conference on IP and the Creative Industries by Sofia Gkiousou
This Monday and Tuesday (October 29 and 30) I will be at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference in Geneva on
 10 Simple Web Design Suggestions by Linda Lane
1. Maintain simple, consistent page navigation throughout your site.2. Produce legible sites - Keep backgrounds simple with enough contrast to read the content, break up large blocks of text into readable amounts, and use san-serif fonts; t
 Six Degrees by Asa Butcher
Do you believe that everybody on this planet knows one another through only six people? For example, my uncle's workmate's friend's mother's college friend's mate personally knows George W. Bush o
 Enemies of the Internet by Asa Butcher
Yang Zili in China, Truong Quoc Huy in Vietnam and Arash Sigarchi in Iran are just three of 61 cyber-dissidents and bloggers currently imprisoned worldwide because they expressed themselves a little too freely accord
 Jane of Thought: Cyber love is copycat love by Jane Eagle
A while ago I got into a long argument at a Greek blog owned by the Greek writer Nikos Dimou. Here is what the debate was about: Dimou published a post about the creation of continuously closer bonds of dependence, friends
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